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Snowy Tundratown

By Temiree
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I have a thing for Tundratown - probably to do with my Canadian ice blood or something. :B I wasn’t planning on it originally, but halfway through I decided to abandon the lineart and go for a lineless style similar to gurihiru's awesome artwork for the recent Zootopia graphic novel. I discovered a less difficult way to do lineless art with this, so don’t be surprised if you see more of it!
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O my gosh. 
I'm getting that comic soon!
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1. Beautiful.
2. I love Zootopia.
3. The hydrant tho
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Termiree, I really like the quality that the avoidance of lines provide here. To me, everything looks so dreamy, or is that my inner child making me think that. Say, how did you make this lineless. And if it is that easy, why haven't I though if this geniusness?! :o (Eek) 
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this is amazing :D
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That I favorited this drawing is already proof that I like it, but it's not until you drew this one that I start to feel... I dunno how to say it, but this, already a wonderful and nice drawing, become even more so when put in such a contrast.

Sometimes I believe in beauty by comparison (or perhaps that's what beauty is all about), and seeing those two winter pieces together really makes me want to give you thumbs up, a pat in on the back, some cookies- ok, zip.

Great job.
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such a cutie! nice touch on the snow sticking to his feetpaws :D
What inspiration?
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I love the "Don't" on the fire hydrant. It says so much in one small detail, haha. I also really like the lineless art style. I know that's always a slight pain to nail but it looks lovely here. c: You're on the ball with all this recent art.
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Haha thanks! I almost didn't add it, but figured it was worth trying out adding humor to something meant to be pretty. :XD: Thanks so much!
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It was worth trying something new and going lineless, it gives your drawing a whole new quality [less constrained, more care free look].
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I think I could agree with that! =)
Got some tough feet there. Who needs footwear???
Don't open a shoe store in this town.
Temiree's avatar
I think maybe shoes can sometimes be used for ultra-formal occasions, or perhaps used by animals not used to cold climates, but yeah, seems like Zootopians go without them. :P
Then you have the world of Redwall, where most prefer wearing nothing below the waste at all.
Theralm's avatar
Or, you could go to the Naturalists' Club in the center of the city, if that's the way you roll.
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this is so awesome XP thought I wonder why a "don't sign" since all zootopians are evolved and civilized? XP
Temiree's avatar
Humans are supposed to be civilized too, but that doesn't stop some people from acting like animals. ;P
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Is there a way to like comments on DA?  Because I really agree with you there, Temiree.
H-StallionWolf's avatar
yeah but society is built on rules XP
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Snowy days are the best :D
That "don't" sign xD
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Agreed! I love snow/blizzards. I just hate when it gets stupidly cold here.
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