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Rising Thunder

Summer is just around the corner, and along with them comes one of my favorite things to experience - thunderstorms. :D They can both be exciting and relaxing to me, depending on what I’m doing at the time. It’s been a while since I did a pure landscape painting, so I figured I’d share my enthusiasm this way. :)
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You’re SURE this is a painting? I honestly can’t tell the difference between this and a real photograph!! 😱

Outstanding!!!! 👏

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Great painting and looks quite realistic!
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I thought i commented this earlier... it looks like i didn't.

I used to live in a little town in the middle of the "mountains" called Puruagua (in México). And let me tell you, this looks like if you were painting it directly where i stood once when i was a kid.

Just in the middle of the horizon i can't imagine any other thing than a road where the cars used to travel . And the details of the "old" fences looks exactly like i remember...

Even the sky and its clouds looks like those the day i went away forever to never return... Such a big way to think about an image which appeared before i went away (August of the 2016).

You're really my hero, Temiré :heart:

Amazing art you've been doing since years in the past :aww:

(i'm still wondering about the comic of the otter and the badger fammily~ )
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*Screams for three years straight* 

Holy shoe this is gorgeous! Sceneries like this are kind of lowkey one of my weaknesses. 
Oh my heart, teach me your ways, this is beautiful!
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wow this is not common, and absolutely realistic ! 
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I always find it so fascinating, this liking of these scenes. There's something about the rich darkness under the blue-black clouds... the silence between bright sunlight and torrent rain, where you can hear everything extra clearly... I'm always surprised when I find someone else who shares this strange excitement over incoming storms, it seems so weird-neat. C:
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I agree with every word that you said. You described it really well. =D The suspense of seeing one coming is just great.
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Wow, I didnt know you draw backgrounds as well :wow:
The amount of details here is amazing
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Thank you! =D Just a lot of practice!
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Yup, its all it takes hehe
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Spectacular. I love how you've captured that ominous stormfront, pushing closer and closer even though most of the land still appears bright. There are so many cloud formations like this that seem unreal until you actually see them. Was this inspired by a particular location?
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yeah I love lighting situations like that in real life, where the sky is dark, but the land is bright, or the reverse. Storms are a good producer of such things. =D Thank you!

And this was inspired by where I live, more or less! I live in the Canadian prairies, near the edge of the city. With all the flat land and farm fields around, you can see storms coming for hundreds of miles. Big poofy, ominous, but spectacular looking storm clouds. I had to paint one. =D
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This looks like a painting that would take months to finish [if it were traditionally done at least jeje]. Absolutely gorgeous, dude,
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I could see that being the case if it were a traditional painting! Especially oil or something. Since this is digital I have a lot of nifty tricks to my advantage, like specialized brushes to make it go much faster. =D
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Almost looks like the backdrop from a music video I like from one of my favourite metal bands, Mudvayne. Nice shot!
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Great landscape! Looks so realistic.
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Just like you I think thunderstorms are cool, my favorite is seeing lightning as it can have some cool affects in the sky. Also this painting that you made looks really neat, the details look awesome on it.
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Thank you so much! =D And yeah I love watching lightning in the distance. I have a vivid memory of walking my dog in the evening, watching a thundercloud get lit up with lightning in the distance on the horizon. Checking the radar later, I found out the storm was hundreds of miles away in the U.S. It was pretty cool. =D
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It's weird when we see an upcoming thunderstorm during the hot summer. Though frankly, i'm not afraid of them, i find them soothing to listen.

Though question: how did you make that grass and vegetation look so natural? at first i though this was  a photo O.o
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I love the feeling of seeing a storm coming over the horizon. Since we live in the prairies, it makes it look even more spectacular. =D

The grass/vegetation was done partially by hand, but mostly by carefully using a few custom Photoshop brushes. One was the default grass brush in PS, another couple were some grass brushes I downloaded, and there was another custom brush I downloaded that gives a "speckled" pattern, which I used to add some variation to the plant life. Basically I just layered my strokes over and over with a variety of dark and bright colors to get it to look natural. =)
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sometimes it can me smoothing. Where i live in Portugal, it's close to the Atlantic Ocean. We get a lot of storms during winter and sometimes Spring, but in the last few days it was nothing but clear skies and the hot sun, until the next day some clouds came and the thunder came bringing in the melody (asides rain -w-)

Very interesting, and it does make sense. Photoshop is mostly used to fix up photos and such. It's very interesting: can you give me the link of the brushes you downloaded? And asides the variety and brushes and colors, did you also use a layer effect like multiply or screen?

Even though i usually use paint tool sai, i still enjoy Photoshop even if it's just to imitate graffiti for certain pictures in my gallery.
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