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Little Runt (Page 40)

By Temiree
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Surprise! I finished the next page earlier than expected. :D And we've hit a new milestone - page 40! Dance! 

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It's that true, your father is right Nes. I know you can do it. ^^

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iBasiliskHobbyist Digital Artist

felt the same way when i stubbed my toe

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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist

Hehe, yeah... not too bad. At least he did hit the bag, that's a start. 😉

Good ol'encouraging dad! 😁

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Your father is right, Ness. You can do it. ^^

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Such a sad droopy-eared fellow.

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mjt410Hobbyist Artist

You’re on to a good start Ness

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Best dad ever!, Tem, I have a question, how do you visualize the nationality and setting of the characters in Little Runt?, where are they from?

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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

I have a few options for that that I haven't decided on specifically.

  1. The Midwest. Nowhere specifically, just that sort of geological area.

  2. Rural Minnesota. I modelled Nes's childhood home after my grandparent's farm, and that's where it's located.

  3. Manitoba, which is where I'm from!

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they definitely have that look and feeling
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Oh, you're from Manitoba, that's awesome!, and good choice of the place you're basing the story from
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Pookie-2-StephStudent Digital Artist

Aww, poor little guy. He’s so cute, trying to be like his dad. :>

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The little *plaf* is hilarious haha.

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voleitorHobbyist Writer

Aw, so hard on himself, he kicked good for his age! Damn, you really feel the whole comic, good job!

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CheezBallz19Student Digital Artist
Whew, I thought he was gonna sprain his ankle or something :)
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TEK427Hobbyist Traditional Artist

At least he hit the bag! That's more than I would have done. :dummy: Congrats on reaching page 40!

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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist

Aww! What a cool dad :).

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The bottom of the sand bag is the hardest part, ouch.

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DoctahJonezHobbyist Digital Artist


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The important thing here is that his father is encouraging him. : )

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PrnceAsriel-DreemurrHobbyist Artist


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CyberAgentZackStudent Digital Artist
Told ya it hurts.
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The epic fail we could all seeing coming. :giggle:

*LOVE* the usage of shadows in the last panel: Nestle is in his father's shadow. ^^ Great use of symbolism.

But I also love how encouraging and supportive Taylor is of his son. He congratulates him for trying, and encourages him to get back up! That's a good dad there. No wonder Nes misses him so much. :(

Congrats on your 40th page! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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This is adorable; great page, dude.

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Called it.

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