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Little Runt (Page 38)

By Temiree
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Taylor loves showing off. :3

The action poses were tricky in this one, as well as the perspective in multiple frames, but I think I pulled it off!

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Taylor he used High Jump Kick.

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Runt was learning the ropes even then.........

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JadelementalStudent General Artist

would be funny if there's a person inside that sand bag.

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Is this what was on the VHS, or is he remembering independently?
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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

Good question! The VHS had a bunch of various home videos on it, and it triggered a memory in Nes. What we're seeing now is his experience of the event, not the literal video itself. :)

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Great answer, I love that! I love every comic you do and this is by far my favorite! Keep up the good work! :)
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Nice kick!! 💪🏻💪🏻
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PrnceAsriel-DreemurrHobbyist Artist

omg this is the best. i was waiting for it since page 37

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TEK427Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oooh! That perspective! That foreshortening! It does a great job of showing Nes looking up to his dad, figuratively and literally. ^_^

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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist

Whoa! Hell of a throat-kick! :omg:

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And pulled it off you did. Excellent work.

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Sorry Temiree for asking this possibly very sad question, what year did Taylor die in?
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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

It's okay! The answer is 2005. This was subtly hinted at with the height markings on the wall on page 35. The writing style changes to match the boxes in the room. This story takes place in 2015.

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Stunned, I did not expect that in 2005, this figure asks even more questions; to die at 35 years old, in the prime of life, not enjoying the joys of family life, not spending enough time with my only son, this is fu*king insulting, and Nes, he generally lost his father at the age of 13, this is such a strong blow to his child's psyche; by the way, you turned out to be cool to draw everything at non-standard angles, it would be generally unrealistic to be cool if Taylor had hit a turn, but these are just my fantasies
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voleitorHobbyist Writer

You keep me hooked with story and amazing drawing. Keep like this, Tem, you get better each day!

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Once again, you pushed yourself art-wise with these poses and angles. You never cease to impress! :D :D :D

But man, this only drives home for me how Nes must have felt seeing his might superhero of a father succumb to his illness. Must have been earth-shattering. :(

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*plays eye of the tiger*

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OkamitheartisticWolfHobbyist Traditional Artist

Dad used High Jump Kick

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OtterFotterHobbyist Traditional Artist


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funny4urfaceHobbyist Digital Artist

Really set him up to be something like a hero to Nes.

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Nothing like a powerful jump kick to impress your kid. : )

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I love how you went for difficult perspectives instead of "easy" ones, it definitely adds a lot to the narrative

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Taren14Hobbyist Writer

Ah, so his dad's why Nes has that tape on his nose.

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