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Little Runt (Page 35)

By Temiree
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I just finished that big project I had in the pipeline! I should be able to do pages more frequently now. :3

This page has an easter egg! The house in the top frame, Nes's childhood home, is modelled after my grandparent's farmhouse in Minnesota. Growing up, my family couldn't afford to travel much, so our special treat was to drive south to Minnesota and visit my grandparent's farm. I have fond memories of that place, so I wanted it to be "preserved" in one of my projects!

Page 36 is on Patreon for $10/mo supporters! If you sign up now, you don't have to pay until July! :)

I've also gotten a bunch of fanart of Nes recently, from one fan  - :iconfoxcipher:! I can't post every sketch he's done recently individually, but here's a link to his gallery and a few examples below. Check it out! :D

Gallery link; www.deviantart.com/foxcipher/g…

Well that was awkward by foxcipher GOTTA GO FAST! by foxcipher nes taking a selfie by foxcipher

Thanks again, Fox! :D

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Shade-the-AshClad's avatar
Shade-the-AshClad General Artist

Is that Manitoba?

Temiree's avatar
TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

Yes it is! It's a reference/easter egg to where I grew up. :3

Shade-the-AshClad's avatar
Shade-the-AshClad General Artist

Sweet! I love the little details like this that you put into your work. ;)

You have since moved away from Manitoba? (no need to answer if too personal)

Temiree's avatar
TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

No I still live here!

Shade-the-AshClad's avatar
Shade-the-AshClad General Artist

Ah, cool!

GerrardWhite's avatar

Cool page Temiree. :)

DTKinetic's avatar
DTKineticHobbyist Digital Artist

You did a good job of making Nes's childhood house/your grandparent's farmhouse really feel like home! There's so many ways to connect with the characters in this comic :nod:

TigerKingQuinton's avatar

Literally, every time one of these comics is posted it’s the highlight of my day. I absolutely love Nes and his story.

Ahrgee's avatar

Several others commented on the height chart penciled, I'm assuming by the father, beneath the light switch. Great detail.

merdicano's avatar
You've come along so excellently and very well-done Tem, I applaud so much
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar

Great page.

MrParaduo's avatar
MrParaduoHobbyist Writer

The use of lighting contrasts and weather really add to the ambiance in this scene! :)

Jadelemental's avatar
JadelementalStudent General Artist

yayy I too have my dad's stuff in my room.

Cambion-Hunter's avatar

An idyllic new start to this chapter.

CyberAgentZack's avatar
CyberAgentZackStudent Digital Artist

Nestle's Room is Nice.

TEK427's avatar
TEK427Hobbyist Traditional Artist

The environments and backgrounds are done so well this page! The house even has gutters! And it's so cute that you modeled it after your grandparents farmhouse. Also, gotta love that old TV and VCR. XD

HugeWolf's avatar

Wow, look at that "modem" analog television set and VCR!

DCLeadboot's avatar
DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist

Dad sure had a lot of stuff... :O

Nice idea modelling Nes' house on your grandparents' farmhouse there - and we can clearly see when he had his growth-spurt. ;)

Kelaiah's avatar

You are an amazingly talented artist, not just because you draw such handsomely designed characters, but also for how you're able to draw scenery like houses and forests and skylines and atmospheres. My own skills are extremely limited in that sense, and I greatly admire you for creating such stunning artwork in this comic! :clap::clap::clap:

Also, the fact that you based Nes' family home off your grandparents is rather touching. Your grandparents such have a nice home, and I'm so glad you have nice memories of being there! :iconfurryhuggleplz:

But I see Nes is doing some extra digging himself! Looks like he's going to get reacquainted with his old man, and learn more about who he actually was, and not some paragon. I'm glad you'll have more time now to update more frequently. :)

Quick edit: I randomly looked back over the page, and I *have* to make more comments:

-I love the barbecue pit outside; those are features I can't help but appreciate.

-The 'height chart' on the wall for when Nes was growing up, such a nice touch! :D

-The "Home Sweet Home" sign that's obviously in the shape of the state he lives in... except I can't recognize the state, since it's obviously a Canadian one. :giggle:

-The TV and VCR are like a blast from the past for a 90s child like me. :XD:

-That one book in the corner with the title "Egomania." :o

Temiree's avatar
TemireeProfessional Digital Artist

Agh, sorry for responding to this so late! I forgot to. Thanks for the super flattering comment - I really appreciate it! ^^

- The BBQ pit is the same one at my grandparent's house! Not quite in the same place, but it looks a lot like that.

- The height chart was added because I felt it fit thematically with the story! And also the writing style changing in 2005 to match the boxes in the room subtly hints at the year his Dad died.

- The sign is shaped like Manitoba! It's a reference to where I grew up and have lived my whole life. :3

- The TV/VCR wasn't modelled after anything specific, just memories! The "Tiger" brand though is a reference to the name of a cat I grew up with, who passed away in 2018.

- I'm surprised you're the only one to mention the book, which indeed says Egomania. Perhaps it's a reference of something to come... :3

Kelaiah's avatar

Hey, it took me a while to respond as well, so no apologies necessary! :) But you're welcome! :D

-Awesome! More Easter egg details!

-Ooh, great attention to detail! But awwww. :(

-More awesomeness! :D

-Yeah, I remember about your cat. *hug*

-Foreshadowingggggg! ;)

Narcisaurus's avatar

Beautifully rendered exterior shot, has a very cozy feel

I've said it before but I'm loving the series so far!

SKdaGamer's avatar

Aww the height marks. That's so cute, and honestly a real sense of family right there.

I love this comic man; keep it up!

Apooyo's avatar
ApooyoStudent Digital Artist

Nestle's height progression marks on the wall are adorable :) Love the attention to detail here!

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