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Little Runt (Page 33)

By Temiree
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Sometimes all it takes is one little remark to completely change how you view something... even yourself. :meow:

Page 34 is up on Patreon for $10/mo supporters!

Nes got some more fanart this week! Thank you, foxcipher! :D

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Skullb0nesHobbyist Digital Artist

She has a point

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CyberAgentZackStudent Digital Artist

what happend to his Dad.?

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voidme457Hobbyist Writer
Seeing him being hugged by his father in the background made me cry.
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The three left panels are rather relatable for me on rare occasions, which makes it all the more painful...

His mother does have a point, though, too...
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I love this comic, you well good job Temiree. :)

Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
This is a great page without a doubt; great job man.
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The way you use a character's ears to convey emotion has always been one of my favorite things about your art, you truly have an amazing talent for it. This panel just proves that to me once again, great job <3
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mjt410Hobbyist Artist

Ouch! Now he’s really mind boggled

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TheFloofiestFlooferHobbyist General Artist

Alright man, glad you aren't angry about eggs and bacon!

Big-bad-Rocket's avatar
This is getting better and better.
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TheBlueFrequencyStudent Digital Artist
Why do I feel like Shadow is about to show up in the diner? I mean...Nes looked like he was surprised about something in that final panel.
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
He sure has some feelings to work through. :(
Could that last armour-piercing question be a turning point in conversation...?
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I don't think Nes needed to apologize for what he said. Not one bit. I agree with what Nes said on the last page. If he were personally attacking his mother that would've been a different issue; because the issue is about her lying and not about her. To me, Nes has every right, and all the time in the world, to be upset. The mother had made a poor choice, but she's making it right by telling Nes the truth.

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I wanna give Nes a hug or something, he’s going through such a hard time.

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JadelementalStudent General Artist
"Hello I'm John Quiñones and this is What would you do?"
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Big gift for mom Nes. You fucked up HUGE, gotta make it right.

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poor ness i feel so sorry for him
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Indeed, it is all part of being human, so to speak, here.......
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Oh dang. Your comic refuses to stop with the punches! 

Good for Nes for having the maturity to apologize like that, and his mom does raise a good point. 

I have a critique for the panel with the mom too, though: I think the yellow/orange is too intense, too bright. It's kinda distracting and little hard on the eyes. For a moment like this, I think you need something more subtle. 
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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist
I'll have to disagree! Mom is meant to be taking a backseat in that panel, while Nes is stuck in his head. When his Mom says her dialogue, that's when the memory kind of punches Nes right there. It's a visual representation of Nes's perspective. Giving Mom the focus would hurt it a bit.
Kelaiah's avatar
Huh. Knowing that makes me change my assessment. Although I did notice the change you made, and it's definitely for the better. :)
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stargate525Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't even notice that there was something to see in that background until I saw this comment. Maybe get the text bubble a little further out of the way?
Temiree's avatar
TemireeProfessional Digital Artist
I've made it a little more obvious!
stargate525's avatar
stargate525Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lookin good! :D
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