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Little Runt (Page 30)

By Temiree
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With the premise of the story set up now, and the conflicts outlined, you should expect a lot more dialogue going forward as various things get spelled out in more detail. To put in another way, the car is gassed up, and now we can start driving!

Page 31 is up early for $10/mo patrons! The link to my Patreon is below if you wish to support me that way. :3

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BabySithCatStudent General Artist

finally *huff* caught *huff* up *huff* with the story you might remember me tem as lightining cat I was

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This is a very good story; keep going, dude.
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Painful confession...
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das007xHobbyist Digital Artist

am I the only one who is wondering why they dont have shoes when outside is snowing? btw. you did amazing work again :3

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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist
Personal stylistic choice. I waver a lot between having characters have shoes in cold settings or not, since they never wear them when it's warm out. I figure their fur and paw pads offer some resistance, and well, you typically don't see animals wearing them (except dogs sometimes), so... I figured in this universe, they don't either!
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Foot protection would be on an as needed basis, such as: extreme actic conditions to prevent frostbite (in species not accustomed to cold) and foot protection against sharp objects on the ground.   like, a gravel road, or a machine shop floor where there's bits of sharp metal cuttings on the floor.
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PrnceAsriel-DreemurrHobbyist Artist

I agree, it does feel more natural for them to not wear shoes for some reason

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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist
I suspect he will eventually come to appreciate that his dad wasn't perfect. It will mean he can be less harsh on himself for his own setbacks.
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JadelementalStudent General Artist
I wanna draw Nes and his family as a corpse for some reason Nes just reminds me of myself so much I hate it. What happened?
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I can't say I know where to begin regarding how this way of thinking next to never works in the long run. I mean, isn't it better to tell them now rather than stay silent until the truth makes itself known through other means? Because the latter would just make it all the more painful, good intentions or not...
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Nice to see at least that this comic gives us a bit of timeline; the dialogue makes it quite clear this is Nes before he has Ryan as a friend.

And well.... I guess the phrase "speak now or forever hold your peace" probably can apply to situations other than weddings; I'm beginning to imagine how things would've turned out had either nobody broke silence regarding Taylor's imperfect records, or if they had been upfront about it to begin with. Sudden swerves in life are hardly ever appreciated, after all.
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Ah man. :( They should have realized Nes' behavior was unhealthy and that would have only resulted in failure and trouble. Sadly, this seems to be a very common mistake, not just in stories, but also in real life. I can see this being one of those "I loved you too much" things. Plus, it seems pretty clear they were all trying to find ways of dealing with Taylor's death, so it could have been a bad judgment call born out of grief. 

Although two things stand out to me: "You had no other hobbies" and "No desire to make friends." Does this mean that Ryan doesn't exist in this story? I mean, so far in your other (shorter) comics, Ryan has come across as Nes' BFF, which doesn't coincide with what's being described about Nes here. 

But I am suddenly reminded of the fact that Nes had *two* seats reserved for his family in the crowd. Obviously one was for his mother, so who was the other seat for, if not his father? Was it Ryan? Or somebody else?
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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist
Regarding the "no desire to make friends" remark, yes, this takes place before Nes and Ryan were ever friends, and that was put in there to help explain that. I've been asked a handful of times as to where Ryan was. I added that to give an in-story answer, without having to specifically spell it out to readers myself. ^^;

As for the two seats, in the first page of the comic, Nes says, "if you guys can't make it, it's okay." I intentionally left it vague, to act as a bit of misdirection for when those two empty seats are shown later. Everyone's first reaction would be, "oh, Mom and Dad!" but really, it could be anyone since I didn't specifically say it would be his parents. I just lead readers in that direction to make that assumption on their own, in order to make the reveal later that his Dad is actually dead more surprising!

I don't think I'll specifically spell it out, but I imagined the extra seat would be for one of his Dad's brothers coming to see his nephew make his big debut. :)
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I didn't almost realize that Nes' dad was dead until the previous chapter
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Ahh, I see now. Heh, I feel a bit silly now (especially since another commenter seemed to realize that on their own). But this makes me wonder if we'll get to see how Nes and Ryan meet in this comic, or if you're saving that for later. 

Oh yes, I already realized what your intentions were with the two seats, and nice work about the surprise! You certainly kept me guessing during Act 1. :) Oh, so it's not important who the extra seat was for, then? Alright, I guess that figures... although if it was one of his Dad's brothers, then he'd be coming to see his *nephew" make his debut, not his cousin. ;):giggle:
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TemireeProfessional Digital Artist
Oops, you're right. I was very tired and about to go to bed when I sent that reply. x3
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:iconfurryhuggleplz: I make plenty of mistakes like that when I'm typing tired too. X)
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JadelementalStudent General Artist
1 BR 1 year before Ryan
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voleitorHobbyist Writer
Lovely comic, the story is amazingly well done and makes you involve with it, mixed with a good artstyle makes it even better. Keep doing great!
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DCLeadbootHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure has a lot to think about... :hmm:
But a well-meaning lie isn't making things any easier, I guess...
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I wonder what is more upsetting for Nes, the fact that they lied to him or the fact that he naively never figured it out himself.
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I love this comic, the story is amazing.

You well great work Temiree! :)

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TheWoolyWolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
This comic is very wholesome, love it timeree
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TheWoolyWolfHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhhh i mispelled your name x0
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