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Landscape Speedpaint - Lake

You know you're doing well when you mistake your reference for your drawing and wonder why the heck your brush wont work. :| :lol: (yes, it happened, lol)

A landscape speedpaint/study that took an hour and a half to complete, referenced from a photograph I found on Pixdaus. There was no mention of the photographer or where this was taken, so I don't know who/where to credit. =P

Water texture from CG Textures. (and modified to fit the picture) =) Great site for texture resources.
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Day-um, that's goooooooood. B-)
sylvester-the-cat's avatar
This too beautiful... we have a place in our town that look exactly like this :D One lonley tree in the middle of the lake :*D
Foeseeker-warrior's avatar
*snickers* I wish I'd seen THAT mix-up! I problem I wish I had . . .

Great job!
Temiree's avatar
Mix up? o.o You mean the process of making the painting? x)
Foeseeker-warrior's avatar
That mix-up you mentioned where you thought your reverence was your work. XP
Rithgof's avatar
Again great colors. I like it because it makes you want to just sit there and watch the sunset. Very Relaxing.
Wolfer0624's avatar
Quite the scene :)

I can imagine sitting against the tree, watching the scenery :D
BuzzTheWolf's avatar
I can see how you mistook it as your reference pic! That's absolutely amazing! Great Work!

...Oh, Wait a tic...You missed a branch! LoL
Temiree's avatar
Haha, thanks xD
ggns's avatar
*o* So realistic! And tranquil... :)
Temiree's avatar
Hehe, thanks!
CodyFurlong's avatar
Wow, it's kinda hard to believe that's a drawing and not a picture, and that you did it in such short a time too. It looks awazing.
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Thank you! ^^ I'm quite happy with how this turned out still.
Phoenix-61's avatar
beautiful work! And CG textures IS the best :D Agreed!
inuzaka's avatar
So realistic i feel like i'm there!
Joss54's avatar
god, i believed it was a photography !
Temiree's avatar
I'm glad I gave that impression. ^^
xqz-moi's avatar
This is an amazing piece. Look exactly like a photograph.
Temiree's avatar
That was my intention! =D Glad you like! :highfive:
bingles's avatar
It'd be cool if you showed the ref you used :o
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