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In the Living Room

This is my completed final work for 3D Animation class at school. =) We haven't gotten into animation yet, but we focused on the fundamentals of modeling, lighting, texturing and so on in Maya. We had to take a room with reference photos (I found this one on Flickr) and model it out from scratch in Maya the best we could. =D

It's definitely not as realistic as other 3D stuff that is posted here daily, but I beat my expectations and I know I have tons to learn. I think I did pretty well considering I didn't know how to make a sphere a few months ago! Or how to texture a week ago!

Hurray, my first 3D work! =D I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!


Maya 2011
Mental Ray
Photoshop CS4 (for border and watermark signature)

Credits to:
- [link] for the carpet texture.
- CG Textures (for other textures)
- Flickr user who posted the particular interior design photos I used. :lmao: (I can't find who though. I remember looking through thirty-something pages. =P)
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Wow. Better than how mine turned out.

Also, thank goodness we got Brent for a new teacher!
idai-kitsune's avatar
Very impressive, Tem! :D
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Thank you! =D I appreciate it! ^^
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Lol, thanks! x)
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Wow! Maya was giving me hell for my 3D animation module! :onhoes:
It looks really awesome! :D
Temiree's avatar
We haven't done any animation yet really except for a bouncing ball, but yeah, I heard 3D animation is really really hard at first. xD
osoa-akiondtuade's avatar
Its definately wonderful! No details I can see that's left out.
Its not 3D animation, just watercolors, but seeing as you have more experience with houses, if you have time I'd like to know what you think of the kitchen in my brother's aparttment. <:3
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Hey sorry for the late reply! I'll have a looksee soon!
osoa-akiondtuade's avatar
Alright. And its quite ok, look at how late my reply is xD
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I feel like i'm in the SIMS
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Haha, someone commented the same - and I can see that too! x)
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Hey! That's MY living room LOL! This is pretty well done for the first time. Well of course you are going to get more educated about this. What's your institution that you are studying in?
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Thank you! =D I go to Red River right now! =) It's nothing fancy like CalArts or Ringling since frankly my family and I can't afford that at all, but I'm still getting a lot of great feedback there!
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Thanks Jason! =)
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Hehe, not bad at all! I thought it was a photo at first, awesome modelling! :D
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Awww, that's so much better than I can do ¦(
Temiree's avatar
Aww, if I can do it I'm sure anyone could, including you!
StuffedFox's avatar
Doubt it buddy :/
Serineko's avatar
Good job Tem! That looks really cool. I want the rug lol
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