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Fang (Zootopian Wolf Athlete)

He returns! I haven't drawn him in quite a while, but here is where he was drawn previously, I thought the other hockey wolf guy needed an antagonist/rival of some kind, so this is why this came came into existence. :B

In other news, I want to give a shout out to :iconmyanmor-1: for giving me a DeviantArt membership for my birthday! <3 I wanted to mention him on my birthday post, but it was getting too long and afraid it would get lost amongst the everything. Thank you so much dude! You're so generous and I really appreciate the gesture. I'll do my best to put it to good use! :D You guys might remember him by this commission I did for him back in the summer. I wish I had ideas for more Core-related comics like I used to do. Hopefully one will come eventually that won't drive the concept into the ground too much. :lmao:

Also because it came in later than the others and DA limits the amount of thumbnails you can use, here's some extra fanart I got for my birthday a few days ago! :3 Check it out!

A special drawing to Temiree by XxSonicxMasterxX
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TargetWolf's avatar
Cool artwork. Love the look of the hockey jersey. He looks
Fraxtin-CrashKedu's avatar
Brrrr... A cold shoulder... on the ice
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... one fierce looking ice-wolf, and no mistake!
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Tundratown champion! B-)
elzataerinn's avatar
Actually, dear, he's from Sahara Square Predators :) The Tundratown hockey player is the other wolf.

Unless you mean to guess that the Zootopia Hockey Championships Finals is in Tundratown, in which case your comment works too. Maybe Tem can clarify on this? :D
Fail-Seeker's avatar
elzataerinn's avatar
I believe that's what Tem mentioned in the first paragraph.
Fail-Seeker's avatar
Will we see more to it? :)
Temiree's avatar
You can count on it. ;p
Fail-Seeker's avatar
I look forward to it! Keep up the Zootacular work! :thumbsup:
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Looks like a hell of a sportsman. B-)
Dukurow's avatar
“You best remember this, scrub: on the ice, I’m the alpha male.”
Domus-Vocis's avatar
Better get off the nice now, because that burn was hot! ^^
Dukurow's avatar
Aww, it wasn’t that good, was it? :meow:
elzataerinn's avatar
You know, it's only now that I realized that Fang here does make a good rivaling complement to your hockeywolf due to his color scheme: The hockeywolf is light-furred in blue uniform while Fang is dark-furred and wear red-black uniform.

Though I unintentionally find it funny that Fang gets a name first :D:D:D
Temiree's avatar
Hockey players typically get called by their last name! Crosby, Ovechkin, Laine, etc. As opposed to Sidney, Alex and Patrik respectively. So this guy probably has an actual first name, but he goes by Fang. :B But yes, I need to figure out a first name for the other fella.
Atelier-Bagur's avatar
Yes! I'm glad he made such a wonderful return. I love his whole look and certainly has that badass factor.
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