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Commission: KelchanFerret (Keep Your Distance)

A commission for :iconkelchanferret:, featuring his Redwall characters Phineas (the otter), and Aaron! This was a challenging pictures to do due to the airbrush shading style (which works best with simpler backgrounds), and the forest kind of demanding detail. The dramatic lighting also added an extra layer of challenge, since that works best with a cel shading style. But! After struggling with it for 2-3 hours, I got it down pat. :meow:

Kelchan was one of my first commissioners way back in 2009, and when I started taking them again in 2016, so it was kind of cool to do something for him again. :B
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Keep thou's distance...
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Which Redwall book are they from? I've only reada few...
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They're my own characters, not from any published Redwall book
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This is honestly awesome! Keep up the amazing work!
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Poor mouse, looks so scared.

You need to draw more mice.  
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I like how you can see from the shadows that the baddies are coming
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I'm getting a mid-late 1980's animated movie feel from this.
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Amazing. It feels like an animated cell. Well done. 
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I thought I was getting Redwall vibes from this! Turns out they're Redwall fan characters lol
Looks great!
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by ysmir you won't leave here alive
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I would love to see this in a comic
it would be amazing
great work
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This is really great. Keep it up. 
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Very brave and determined looking otter! :D
The mouse seems a nervous little guy. Wonder if he gets his brave moment later on... :aww:
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Great picture. Love the expressions  and the lighting.
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Man, this is amazing!
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I like the dramatic lighting a lot!
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