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UPDATE 03/03/2018: The cost for colored + cel/airbrush shaded characters has been increased by $5.00, the cost for flat colors has increased by $5.00, the cost of sketches have increased by $5.00 per character and the cost of expression sheets have been increased by $.50 per head. Everything else remains the same.


Bullet; Red Content Rules Bullet; Red

1. Keep things family friendly (G or PG rated).
2. No sexual/fetish/provocative themes. For the same reasons, keep clothing relatively modest. Take a look at my gallery to see what I'm good with. Nothing revealing or potentially provocative (bikinis, speedos, short-shorts, underwear, translucent clothes, etc.)
3. Avoid controversial themes. Politics, religion, divisive current events, etc.
4. Keep affectionate themes light! Hugs and stuff are fine, but I'd like to avoid heavier things like making out/licking each other. You get the idea.
5. Violence is okay as long as it doesn't beyond the level of a Disney/Don Bluth movie.
6. For legal reasons, no copyrighted characters. Fan characters are fine, or inspired ones, but I can't do commissions where I draw Nick Wilde for example.
7. I can only do my own style, so that means I cannot take commissions related to certain fandoms such as Steven Universe, MLP, etc.
8. I'm less experienced drawing female characters compared to male. Click here for examples to see if the style and quality suits you.
9. Paypal only!

The golden rule is: your idea should be close to my artistic comfort zone. The best gauge of that is to look what kind of content I've posted already!

Bullet; Blue Prices (U.S. Dollars)* Bullet; Blue

Characters (per full-body character, 20% discount for up to two extra full characters before discount resets.)
Sketch = $25 (+$5 for clean lines)
Sketch + Inking + Flat Colors = $55
Sketch + Flat Colors + Detailed Shading = $150 (results may vary in regards to how realistic it looks)
Expression Sheets = Variable price. I have a separate journal for them here!

Partially drawn characters
If you ask for your character to be only drawn partially (e.g. you only want a bust, or an icon), then it will cost less than a full-body character. You need to inform me of this in advance.

Characters with unusually high amounts of detail may have the price adjusted up depending on how much extra time they will take (eg. 25% more time = 25% more to the price). Examples include detailed fur patterns, complicated clothing, specific armor, tattoos, mechanical arms, and so on.

Backgrounds vary in price depending on detail, effort, and how structural it is. See here.

Bullet; Green Revision/Refund/Use Policy Bullet; Green

Revisions: I'll always show WIPs during the course of the commission so we can adjust things as needed, however major overhauls or repeated back-and-forth revisions may result in either additional costs, or the commission detail being penned down to make up for lost time, such as the background being reduced in detail. Always inform me ASAP for any mistakes that need to be corrected.
Refunds/Cancellations: Refund amounts are based on how much work has been put into the commission so far. If you request a colored commission, and ask for a refund after the sketch is finished, I'll refund you for the colored portion of the artwork. Invoices sent, but not paid after a period of one month are automatically cancelled unless a reason is given.
Use: These commissions are non-commercial use only, which means you're not allowed to make money off of them. Commercial-use artwork would fall under my professional day-rate, which is $200 USD for most. Also, ask permission first before editing your commission after it's done. Cropping is just fine, however! Finally, I retain all rights and ownership of the artwork created unless it's explicitly signed away to you.

Bullet; Purple Contact Bullet; Purple 

If you're interested, send me a note here on DA with your idea. If it's acceptable, I'll reply back to you with a form to fill out that will give me all the information I need! I don't have an exact number of slots open, but if I start to feel overwhelmed by demand I may temporarily close my queue, or adjust prices.

Cheers! =)

*Prices are subject to change in-between commissions. Commission forms submitted before price change will have old prices apply.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Current Wait List Turquoise Bullet - F2U! 

Name (Commission Type, Location) Application Date

Foxy-waffle (??-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Sept 24 [PROFESSIONAL RATE - ONGOING]
Taserdude (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Oct 12 [NOTE SENT]
ShawnDLohawk (7-Head Expression Sheet, Tumblr) Oct 31 [INVOICE SENT]
Lonerinstincts (1 Character Commission, Tumblr) Dec 30 [INVOICE SENT]
Robbytheredfox (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 3 [POSTING THURSDAY]
Agent00skid (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 4 [POSTING FRIDAY]
Big-Bad-Rocket (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 4 [SKETCHING]
Te-iki-o-te-rangi (2 Character Detailed Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 4
Wolf-Ezo (6-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Jan 8 [EMAIL SENT]
Rustler99 (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 9 [INVOICE SENT]
BreathOfNightmare (6-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Jan 11
Spectral-k (8-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Jan 15
Lionkingweeb (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 16
Wynterfluff (1 Character Detailed Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 16
BreathofNightmare (6-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Jan 17
Zerorider56 (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 18
Zerorider56 (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 18
Stiice (1 Character Commission, Tumblr) Jan 18
13DiamondAward (8-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Jan 19
Asanjawa (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 22
YeenBean1622 (1-Character Commission, DeviantArt) Jan 27
Remenninja101 (2-Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 4
Feyscat (1-Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 6
GrumpyVentrexian (1 Character Detailed Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 8
Bateb1987me (1 Character Commission, Tumblr) Feb 8
Cloudchasershaconage (5 Character Sketch Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 9
Gators97 (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 9
Gators97 (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 9
Slasinth (4 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 10
ScottTheFox94 (5-Head Expression Sheet, Tumblr )Feb 10
[SECRET} (2 Character Detailed Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 12
Ulv (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 13
RobinTheRanger (4-Head Expression Sheet, Tumblr) Feb 13
Opifexcontritio (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Feb 26
Vyuun (2 Character Commission, Deviantart) Feb 26
KelchanFerret (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Mar 1
GammaEradon (2 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Mar 3
Altairey (2 Character Commission, Tumblr) Mar 3
Alazell (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Mar 8
FriskeCrisps (1 Character Commission, DeviantArt) Mar 8
Eternek (3-HeEternek (3-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Dec 12Eternek (-Head xpressin Sheet, DeviantArt) Dec 12ad Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) Dec 12
Eternek (3-Head Expression Sheet, DeviantArt) DecCurrent estimated wait time: 8-9 weeks @ 4-5 commissions completed per week (38 total)
Last updated: March 14th
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Pronounced: TIM-er-ee
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I'm a pretty busy person, so I apologize if I don't read/reply to every comment I get, but I'll do the best I can! I also may not reply quickly, if I do. The best way to contact me about something, such as for a question you might have, is to send me a note! Also please refrain from posting random links on my profile, since this is basically my homepage. Thanks!

Art Status
Requests: Closed
Art Trades: Closed
Commissions: Expression sheets and regular commissions are closed until I finish my short film!
Contact: Note me here on DeviantArt if you need to contact me! I won't share IM info, sorry!


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JaytheFox99 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 6, 2019  New Deviant
Hey, Tem, I love your art! Sometimes it gives me ideas for my web shows that I'm working on.

I also love your animatic shorts "Ottermelon" and "Ferris". Their plots are very heartwarming.
You sure know how to write a good story!
Temiree Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Thank so much! I have a new story coming up soon - I'm hoping to tease it sometime in the next two weeks. :meow:
Redtriangle Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2019  Student Digital Artist
Since there major size difference among the animals in Zootopia, how it's economy work?

If a tiny animal rent an apartment fit for medium-sized animals. To them, the size would be like a small town or city district.

I have this idea of a rodent house (middle-class 2-story type) inside of an apartment unit.
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