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Sketch and Lineart Commission Info -NOW OPEN- by temiel Personal Sketch Card Commission Rates - OPEN by temiel

All prices are given in USD and are subject to change. If something you want isn't listed there, please feel free to send me a note anyway and we can discuss variant pricing.


The Initial Process
Before contacting me to do work for you, please look through my gallery to get some idea of the kind of work I do and whether my style/subject matter is suited to your needs. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason, including "it's just not what I do", but I'm generally pretty flexible; at the bottom of this post is a list of subjects I'd rather avoid (some because of personal taste; others because I'm just not that good at drawing, say, mecha).

- Either send me a DA note or (preferred) send me an email at Please give me as much information as possible about your character's physical appearance and characteristics (name, gender, age, ethnicity, wardrobe choices, body language, any useful visual references, etc). Don't worry about overloading me with reference!
- I'll note you back to let you know whether I accept the commission, and send you my PayPal account. Please do not send payment until after I accept your commission.

Payment and Reception
Payment will be accepted in full after I accept your commission, PayPal only. If you ordered one of the grayscale commissions, I will send your finished artwork to you via email at 300 dpi so you can print it if you wish, and I'll also attach a smaller version for display purposes. If you ordered a sketch card, I'll send a 100dpi file for display, and if you opted to pay for shipping it will be mailed to you directly.

As setsuna22 put it: "I retain all rights to all of the artwork that I create, but you are allowed to use your commissioned piece in any way you wish so long as it is for non-profit. What this means is that you may use and minimally modify the artwork for purposes such as your website, but that you cannot sell prints or any other form of merchandise using the artwork, nor can you sell the rights to the work to someone else. I, on the other hand, retain the rights to use any artwork I create for merchandise and/or my portfolio."

What I can do:
-Original characters
-Fan art (all pictures will be in my own style, of course)
-Nudity and "sensual" scenes
-Fantasy, historical or steampunk art
-Shounen or shoujo-ai
-Some violence (blood, weapons, wounds)
-Familiar animals
-Certain types of anthro

What I can't do:
-Hentai or hardcore porn
-Creatures/monsters that deviate a lot from a basic human form (including furries)
-Mecha or machinery
-Politically charged or hate art

Any interest is always appreciated! :heart:

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Can I reserve a sketch card slot for the beginning of December? :)