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Manus Artifex Tenebrae Claruit



Edit: Thanks to ~Danai for pointing out that the title, more grammatically correctly, should read "Manus Artificis Tenebras Claravit". Sorry for my bad Latin, *sob*!

I kind of thought that if I have these characters living in medieval England, it'd be one horrible wasted opportunity not to do at least ONE picture of Leland and Claris in this style. :meow: I did a lot of looking at illuminated manuscripts like [link] and [link] to research this (and watching Secret of Kells for inspiration- if you haven't seen it, go see it, it's GORGEOUS). Incidentally, while working on this, it occurred to me that if you didn't already know these two were vampires, you probably wouldn't be able to tell based on this picture, since EVERYONE in illuminated manuscripts tends to look a little pallid. :XD:

Perfect symmetry was never really the aim here; I wanted something that looked... more or less symmetrical, but organic and kind of "hand done", since it is all... done by hand (with the help of a tablet). This took some serious patience, but the scrollwork and lines were so relaxing! :D It really ended up far more elaborate than I planned; the original sketch was just the two of them inside that red border and that was going to be the whole picture. Now I've been looking at it so long, I can't picture it without all the extra flourishes! :giggle:

Paper and gold leaf texture from CGTextures.
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I'm late to the party, what the heck is going on? Who are they? What's their story? Oh my God, WHERE AM I!?