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poster against racism!!!!

we all have fingerprints regardless of our colour...
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Being white is a crime in our world of winning jewish-muslim racism.
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white black yellow and red? reminds me of the RWBY series xD
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In the current time, the problem is that many political decisions are not being opposed because of the fear of being called racist.
hiya. Can I use this picture for my blog about racism? please reply ^_^ thank you.
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To answer your question: no, being a racist is not a crime. Because in a democratic society you can hold any opinion you want as long as you don't physically harm others or limit their capacity to express their opinions, even if you find them disagreeable.

Ethical question: Should literature written by men like Hitler be banned?
My answer would be no. The German Government says yes.

("I never did here of an idea so dangerous it couldn't be talked about.")
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Same here. Pluralism and open discussion are the cornerstone of democracy, take it away and you get 1984.

Ironically, it is the most rabid fighters for "tolerance" and "pluralism" who are the least democratic and least willing to accept different ideas.
I totally agree. People use tolerance and pluralism to shut up their opposition.
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You won't believe this... but this image appeared in an english test at my school! We had to write a feature article on racism, and this was the stimilus image. Well done you! :D
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yperoxo k poly eystoxo!
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σευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hug:
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Fantasou na upirxan kai mple....ekei na deis ti tha ginotan.....
Omorfo minima.......bravo...
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ta stroumfakia den exoun mple apotypomata? :P
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Exeis dikio den ta evale..... :rofl:
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νομίζω θα είχαμε ακόμα μεγαλύτερο πρόβλημα!!!!

ευχαριστώ πολύ...!!!!!!!!
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in any way, you're right.
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i want to believe that to!!!
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