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Na'vi Me 2

Hellooo :D this is basically the final version of me as a Na'vi (except I have eyebrows so I think that makes me an avatar if you want to get really technical...)

Detail of eyes: [link]

I found some really good tutorials on how to turn yourself into a Na'vi, so I'll give you the links in case you want to have a go yourselves! Here they are:

General step by step: [link] [link] [link] [link] (scroll down a bit for the last one and she's written a tutorial underneath)

Positioning of face: [link]

Nose and lips: [link]

Eyes: [link] [link]

Hope that helps, and hope you like this new version of my Avatar!

(the hair, ears and background are from official images and don't belong to me:))
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tansyuduri's avatar
may I turn this picture into a drawing? I'll credit you and give you the link.
Temawei's avatar
Sure you can, thanks for asking! :la:
sonicaust's avatar
Very "Realistic" Navi painting! One of the best I've seen actually, and I especially love the eyes!
Temawei's avatar
Wow thanks very much! I'm very flattered you think so, because there are some pretty good one out there! :D
heyitskatherine's avatar
this is so incredible!! you make a really cute na'vi!!
I'm waiting to get photoshop so I can make my own!! but I'm no photoshop expert XD
Temawei's avatar
:aww: Thank you my dear! I think the na'vi are a pretty good-looking bunch on the whole anyway haha!
And you definately should have a go when you can - its so fun! And i'm not exactly a photoshop genius either, but I just read lots of tutorials and did a bit of experimenting and this was the result ;P
Tell me if you do manage to make your own - I'd love to have a look!
heyitskatherine's avatar
I will definitely let you know! I've got photoshop now so I'm going to give it a go!!
Temawei's avatar
Cool! :la: I just found this really helpful tutorial which you might want to have a look at to help you out :) [link]

And also, this seems like a shameless bit of self-promotion, but I have done a sort of step-by-step thing on how to draw avatar eyes, so here's the link if you want to check it out: [link]

Hope you find them helpful! Hehee I can't wait to see your avatar :eager:
heyitskatherine's avatar
thanks for the links!! they will be very helpful!! :D
I'll definitely let you know when mine is done!! ^^
Temawei's avatar
Yaaay! I'm so glad :D
ageshero's avatar
THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME, Damn Blueies with their flat noses and their big cat like eyes. A director ones said some kinda crap about how the eyes are the window to the soul, i don't trust their eyes.

No soul i tell you, no soul! I tell you one, if one of them Starry faced blueies wants to come near me, they got another thing coming.

Take them by the ears and tail!

Felineblue ain't nothin but trouble.
Temawei's avatar
Riiiiight. That's lovely. And I think I should just point out something before you freak out about "one of them Starry faced blueies" coming to get you - THEY AIN'T REAL! So you can stop having nightmares.
I'm just one of the millions of people who want to pay a bit of tribute to this awesome film and have a bit of fun and hone my photoshop skills, and what better way to do it than to have a go at making myself into a blue dude? I'm very sorry you don't like these snazzy ol' felines, but maybe I can convert you by sending you some BIG BLUE SPARKLY AVATAR COOKIES eh? eh? Beat that avatarophobe.
ageshero's avatar
It was only a joke, lol.

Here, have some real human-kind, gingersnaps. because they are not cgi cookies.
Temawei's avatar
yeah I sort of guessed it was a joke ;P That's why I didn't go flat out crazy maaad at you.
And oooh gingersnaps nomnom :iconnomnomnomplz:
mihaizen's avatar
wonderful work.
Temawei's avatar
Thanks! I'm glad you like it!:iconlavatarplz:
PhotoMaster002's avatar
Do you take requests? If you do maby I could give you a picture of me, and then you make me into a Na'vi (A)
Temawei's avatar
Hi! :la: At the moment I don't do requests, but if I decide to open up for commissions in the future, I will definitely let you know :meow: Also, I'm sorry but I think I would have to charge you for the time I spend on any requests if/when I eventually get around to doing any! ;P

Sorry I took so long to reply!
Macaroni-Waffles's avatar
amazing! I totally wanted to do one of these for myself but never got around to it. Well done!
Temawei's avatar
Thank you very much! You should definitely have a go at doing one yourself, it's very fun :la:
Macaroni-Waffles's avatar
Maybe I will when I have the time :)
Temawei's avatar
yeah :) send me a link if you do so i can have a look!
mimikayuko's avatar
ohh can u do me please and did u know the year it is in is in a 144 years from now 2154 is the year
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