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Chestnut Sunday

Wow I haven't put up any art for ages so I thought I'd upload this (even though I know it's not particularly amazing) just to show that I'M STILL ALIVE! :dummy: So yeah, I drew this quick sketchy-thing for my friend's birthday because I forgot to buy her a card and also I was scared I'd forgotten how to draw, so this was kind of an experiment to check my artiness is still lurking inside somewhere...

I hope you like it even though it's all scribbly (:

(And I know the title has nothing to do with anything, but it's a good song so hey - who cares ;P)
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lol love your comment :D
and this is brilliant what you talking about :D
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Woo thanks for commenting :la: I'm very flattered that you like this because your gallery is amazing!
And haha, yeah I'm a bit crazy so I'm glad you like my comment instead of thinking I'm mental :dummy:
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:whisper: to be honest every artist is a little mental :iconwinknudgeplz:

no worries hun hehe we all have our ups and downs can't be creative all the time and sometimes just a scetch or two is a good thing
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Haha yeah, i suppose we all are :giggle: and aww thanks for being so lovely (:
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I love these faces!!! :la:
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Oh yay!! I'm so glad you like them! :la: And haha she does pull some pretty awesome faces ;P
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