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Daily Deviation
September 4, 2007
"Year of the Pig III by ~temabina really wowed me. To me it's how people say women are portrayed as pieces of meat, and how grotesque that comparison is. The smooth, voluptuous lines of her breasts really contrast with the waxy pig leather and show you how beautiful the female form is." - =pendlestock
Featured by MissShyly
Suggested by pendlestock
temabina's avatar

Year of the Pig III

Year of the Pig

BUY PRINT - [link]
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Image size
690x690px 92.74 KB
Shutter Speed
10/5000 second
Focal Length
34 mm
Date Taken
Dec 17, 2006, 4:36:42 PM
© 2006 - 2021 temabina
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Emi-Gemini's avatar
Disgusting and degrading... for the pigs.
KurouKarasu's avatar
PinkBloodysparkles1's avatar
Those are fake, right?? They look so real
lostforeveragain's avatar
Wow this is just... wow, really interesting. I like the relative cleanliness of the pig heads, it makes it seem so casual. And of course I love the juxtaposition of supple clean nudity with the disturbing, obstude slaughtered animal heads. It's so interesting.
keashi-babii's avatar
I have to agree with pendlestock, the picture gives me the same feeling
TwilitAquaticMelody's avatar
EEK Piggy heads! nice pig though.
I'm glad my pig'll never end up like that..
temabina's avatar
you have a pig? :))
TwilitAquaticMelody's avatar
Yes, I do. He's my pet. :) His name's Boss Hogg..he was supposed to be a project hog, but I got too attached to him ^^; So I got to keep him..
I've got a bit of a mini-farm, really. Chickens, rabbits, horses..yeah.
cyber-lola's avatar
I would ask if I may paint this picture. For my own of course.
offkitano's avatar
very good man....
Oboreshinu's avatar
Must have been smelly.

On a happier note.

Pigs head is like 30 cents a pound.
corpse-rotten's avatar
I think a good most of the time nudity in photography comes off as cheap, but this is absolutely stunning. Really powerful.
VanessaWang's avatar
Shocking, disturbing and deeply saddening...

The poor pigs!
Why must humans be like this?
What have we done?
Mary Mother of God!
I'm melting!
I'm dying!
Karma-Slave's avatar
Usually I would have really disliked something like this, but this one... actually looks really good. Always I don't like real death to be part of any sort of art, and I still dislike it in this case as well, but somehow I also really like this.

Dammit, you tear me apart!
Karma-Slave's avatar
Actually, if anything, this portrays a relatively respectful view on animals. Instead of having cold steel and layers of protective clothes between the slaughtered animals, there is only skin. Closer and much more down to Earth, more honest, somehow.

But still. Ack.
SaraJoann's avatar's a very interesting.... :D
ninpork's avatar
excelent idea, i want some pig flesh
ofallpieces's avatar
Holy... I think I threw up in my mouth.
Itoruna's avatar
DCW01's avatar
Perfect. I love the stamps on the pig heads. The arm hair seems to fit especialy well with the subject.
mrdectol's avatar
I showed this to my friend (because I love it so much and just came back to it) and he said, "Oh I get it... hams."

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