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long live the kik long live the kik long live the kik long live the kik long live the kik long live the kik long live the kik long live...

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Tem God Zilla
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heya, I'm Tem Zilla, if I ever get a core that'll be my name here, but I make animations, sometimes posters, sometimes I upload those here, but not often.


Friends: :iconmyszka11o: :iconsterlingfm: :iconmrbreino: :icontheimperfectanimator: :iconvideogamecat123: :iconmaggy14:



so I got rid of some old poster, I might get rid of some more over time, dunno just yet, just hate seeing old crappy work all over my page when I go back and look
hello everyone, I know this is totally not what I do, but idc, I wanna discuss my feelings towards the latest and final episode to the Dragon Ball show of my era, Dragon ball super, so this is mainly for anyone who knows what's been going on, but I feel like I wanna give my thoughts on the last saga of the show as it's now all over, so let's get started.


with Goku being out of commission, I was curious of how #17 and Frieza would handle themselves against Jiren, to my surprised, they did great, I loved the dynamics of the fights in this episode, especailly once Goku got back in there, the moment where he and frieza started working together, while watching that, I'd not felt that feeling of "HELL YEAH, GO GET EM" like I did here in years, and it was so bizzare, watching these two work together, Frieza and Goku of all people working together, the two who made each other break each other's limits and change the course of Dragon ball forever, watching them fight together like that was an amazing feeling, and the animation of that entire scene was the icing on the freaking cake, animation goals for me personally, and the moments before hand with the three of them all talking to each other, such an uplifting scene, the moment they won and knocked Jiren out, I felt like a kid seeing SSJ Goku and Frieza get the win, and 17 being the TRUE MVP of the tournament

now about my feelings about the wish, 17 made with the dragon balls, I felt like it was, ok. I am VERY happy that universe 6 is back, but I don't care for any of the others, except for Jiren's universe, even then, after what Jiren did to try to kill Goku's friends, it's kind of hard to really believe that his team would be fine with all he admitted along with this, but he learned his lesson sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I guess it's fine? (not really to me at least but the show says it's fine so yaaaaaaay?) plus, I feel like bringing them all back makes the saga, kind of pointless, now completely since the point wasn't to erase all the universes, but still, the point was to survive, but if it means I got my second favorite universe, universe 6 back, and all these characters didn't go to waste, then I'm happy with 17's wish.

but now for the ending, seeing that shot of universe 7 at capsule corp, WHICH I KNEW THAT WAS GONNA HAPPEN AND I SO CALLED IT BTW, ahem, the ending was satisfying, grant it I would've loved to see more of the aftermath, but this is the last episode so I guess it's fine, I'm glad 17 got his cruiser, and that his island got kept safe, I'm glad Frieza was brought back to life, cuz he's one of my favorite characters, and that he got his army back, and lastly, that shot with vegeta and goku in the spot that looked exactly where they first fought, in their same poses, the nostalgia from that hit me HARD. a perfect way to end the last episode imo

To give my concluding thoughts, the end of dragon ball super, was a satisfying end to it all, I'm glad this final episode ended the show the way it did, so dragon ball super ofc had its ups and most certainly it's downed, the first two saga's and the animation in the beginning, but when it had its ups, it HAD its ups, and this last episode had A LOT of ups. I felt like a kid again honestly when this show had its ups, ultra instinct, the animation getting way better, the new stories after the first two sagas, Vegito blue, bringing back people like Roshi, 17 and Frieza to fight in the tournament.

I'll miss this show, the Dragon Ball of my era. 

Goodbye Dragon Ball Super, I hope the movie will be awesome. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku Awakens Goku 
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