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You are not alone

Played some Valhaim, played some Baldurs Gate 3, and all I can see now is birch trees -

tbh tough - it's been a while since i had some time to play games - i usually am super busy with work and life, so it feels nostalgic to pick up some cool new fantasy games and get inspired by them. And since i was testing a new workflow with daz studio, making a baldur/valhaim inspired mush-up illustration depicting swamps and some magic seemed perfect for that its still unfinished, but since i never have time to polish stuff for my portfolio, its always either - posting it at its current state or not posting it at all and i chose to post it as it is xD hope you dont mind some rushed brushstrokes

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Yikes this is masterful

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..the face..reminds me of ..well...

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I think she looks great, a bit intimidating, well dressed and the "unfinishedness" of the image adds to the flavour and feel.

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