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Total War: Warhammer Concept Art - Orion

Yet another concept for Wood Elves faction... :> Orion this time  Leaf (left) Leaf (left) Leaf (left) :> You can check the Wood Elves Announcement Trailer if you want to see how he turned out in the game!

Art ⓒ Creative Assembly, Games Workshop, SEGA

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I admit that it's weird for me every time I hear about the King in the Woods. We have the same name. Granted, Orion is my middle name, but still. And I'm not a Wood Elf player in any way.

Came here since I've been watching Arch Warhammer's lore videos on Youtube. Glad I did.
I love this and he ended up looking just as great in the game, :D
pixg's avatar
very imaginative, this guy would fit right into a Guillermo del Toro Film.
alithking's avatar
Amazing and magnificente Kurnous artwork or Orion, congratulations! Clap Headbang! Worship OMG 
Very nice - I wonder if this particular dude had those scars before he became king-for-a-year or if it came from the subsequent perpetual party.

I like the horns-as-roots design, too.
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It's such a badass design! 
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Don't you have to make his back and side view for 3D guys to model him? Or the 3d artists in AAA studios are so kickass that they figure it out themselves?
telthona's avatar
Hi :) I actually did sketch the back view for the cape and back of the loin cloth, but i removed it from this image here cos these designs were more sketchy than the front. In most cases however, AAA artists are able to recreate the design and "wing" the parts that were not showed by concept artist. Some guys are better at it than others, many 3d artists can draw as well so they might sketch not obvious parts and figure them out for themselves but usually in games based on well known franchises concept art is not only used by modellers - its also used for design approvals so the IP owners can take a look and tell if they like designs before further effort is spent on them :)
Edarneor's avatar
Oh I see, so if the guys in charge like the "front" - you can always add the back. :) Thanks for the insight.
I did some concepts for small teams before, but those were mostly one-sided things like doors or windows. So I was not certain about this one. :)
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exquisite design!
GetsugaDante's avatar
What the hell happend, this one looks freaking awesome, while the one in game looks like a pale 2003's hulk.... some 3d must've had a really bad day. Great job anyway.x)
telthona's avatar
Haha, no, its a great model, the face is just pushed more towards human features than beastial :) The modeler who did the model is actually one of my fav modelers that work on the game :D Slight changes like that happen sometimes, during modeling, if lead character artist or art director want to push the model a bit further :) Im still happy with the final game art model. In game Orion just looks more human thats all :)
GetsugaDante's avatar
The model's good quality its just that this one here looks like an angry, powerfull god-king of the psycho tree hugers that he should be, while the ingame one could pass for a character in a next Shrek movie. x)
Dr-Pen's avatar
Great work on the vines around those weapons and the horns on this creature!
telthona's avatar
aww thank you!! :>
Dr-Pen's avatar
You're welcome
Stephen-0akley's avatar
I diggum! I am a little disappointed in how the ingame model looks a little ken-dollish, this makes him all the more awesome.
telthona's avatar
x) face is a bit more human in game and it has a bit different features thats right, but the rest is almost the same so I'm happy with the final gameart anyway :) Situations like that happen sometimes, when 3d artists change things slightly :) Im not really bothered by it anymore. :) If modeller's vision differs from concept artist vision, then usualy they both are fine so its up to the lead character artist or art director to decide :) you probably know this from your experiences as well, right? :D
Stephen-0akley's avatar
Totally! I can see why they made the decisions they did given that the beast-men JUST came out, and any more differentiation between then and this badass would be worth doing. Regardless all around great work! Nothing but cool stuff coming from the total war games and the art y'all are making for it :)!
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Haha, yeah - its whole team effort! :> Glad people appreciate what we do with the franchise! :>
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