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Total War Warhammer 2 - Supreme Sorceress


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I did bunch of designs for "The Queen and the Crone" DLC :) I'm especially happy of how these Sorceresses turned out!  > trailer here < Hope you like it!

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This is fantastic. You got the right mix of beauty and cruelty in the character.  Total War Warhammer is one of my favorite games, thank you very much for helping design it!
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super happy you liked our take on the franchise! Warhammer comes with huge fanbase and what comes with it - big expectations - so we wanted to meet all those expectations. Glad to hear positive feedback like this!

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This is amazing! Yeah really cool you did this! Keep it up okay?
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This is KILLER!! Great work! Are you a working professional, student, etc? If so, where are you working? I'm going to school to become a Game Artist and I am looking to grow my network. Maybe we could talk about the industry and we have learned throughout the years?

Great work!!
Love your designs, especially when they are well translated into the game. + I feel like one can always spot if a units concept design comes from you since they are just that great :D
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^^ thank you for such a warm words! Yes i’m really happy when models in game look exactly as i designed them. Sometimes modelers are adding some things from themselves and usually that improve the unit design even further. For example the Supreme Sorceress in game actually comes with a cape - that we didnt consider on the concept art stage, but i think cape works well with thia unit :)
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super designy!
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Honestly think the concept is great and really true to the Supreme sorceresses in the lore/fluff. Was really worth the wait for these to come in game. Once again, absolutely excellent job! :)
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Glad to hear it! Enjoy their magic on the battlefield ^^
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Oh, I am! Absolutely causing all kinds of unload mayhem with them! Personally favouring the lore of death Supreme Sorceress! :)
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You are very welcome :D
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She is really amazing. I hope if in TW:WH 3 would be Neferata it would be you who would draw her.
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Aww you are way too kind! :3 thank you!
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WOW the design and all the details looks amazing! 
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The designs are fantastic and a joy to see in game. The armies in my Morathi campaign are all led by covens of Supreme Sorceresses and Sorceresses. :D
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Hahha awesome! Perfect army for Morathi! XD did you try to play with Crone as well?
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I've not started a campaign with her yet as I'm switching back and forth between Morathi and Alarielle for now.

Hellabron is being a pain in Morathi's campaign as she confederated with Malekith before I could (he somehow got wrecked by Khatep and Tretch early on) and hates my guts so I have a big enemy to the north and angry orcs to the south. :(

In Alarielles campaign The Crone somehow got in a war with Norsca and is loosing. I'm staying well out of it!
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love the way you make magic swirls 
and your shading on the armor is amazing ;v; 
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Aww thank u!! :3
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