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Total War: Warhammer 2 - Galifrieus

Talarian's helper in High Elf storyline Vortex Campaign :) We tried couple of color variants, in the game she's blonde with long hair :)

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Total War: Warhammer 2 - Felicion by telthona Total War: Warhammer 2 - Talarian by telthona
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Fantastic design! I really like your shading technique, gives the effect of softness ;) nice work!
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You're welcome :)
Poor Galifrieus, kills an ancient dragon but gets killed by a bunch of little rats then just left there by Talarian, then turns out to have been a sleeper agent all along.

Is that Shadow Warrior armour on her?
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Yes :> Shadow Warrior armour! Ha! Woow, i'm so nicely surprised that you read through the whole story! :D Yes she was dark elf agent; i tried to hint it by giving her purple/violet eyes hahaha :3 And i also think that her death was quite sad xD Body left in the wild... oh well :<
Ah cool! I thought she looked quite striking with the helmet, makes her violet eyes stand out even more.

Did you also work on the normal (actual High Elf and not Dark Elf agent lol) Shadow Warriors? 

And I kind of thought it didn't make much sense for Talarian to just dump her in the snow like that, you'd think being a noble High Elf he'd at least bring her back to a high elf city for burial or postmortem or something (even before noticing she was a Dark Elf agent).
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I game shadow warrior units were designed by Evgeniya Egorova… from what i can recall :) She didn't publish those concepts though.
I did work on bunch of other high elf and dark elf designs :)
And yes i also think it was sad for Galifrieus body to be just left in the mountains xD Oh well :)
Ah Eveniya's work on TWW has also been very fine. Were they female shadow warriors in the same way as your Galifrieus though?

Any particular units or characters that stood out for you and was a great fun to work on, Sandra?
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Aaahh tysm I don't know why, but no example/refrence of scale mail ever made sense to me structure wise while trying to draw it, but yours did! it clicks now Day56 - Happy Cry , I can finally add mail to my drawings holy crabcakes.    And this lady looks amazing, really makes me wish I actually played the game haha, really liked the braided bun hairstyle as well !!
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thank you!! :> And glad that i could somehow help without even knowing xD :) Scalemails are quite easy to draw when you get to learn how :)
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This lady kicks ass in game. Really cool cut scenes.
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hehe! :> Glad you liked her!
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