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Silvernai: Sheira

Concept art of another rogue - Sheira :D Thanks ~noiprox for advice :>
Silvernai Project

Edit: few corrections
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There are so many things that I love about this picture.  She is both sexy and yet believable.  I really like the fact that she is missing a throwing knife and a smoke bomb (I assume that is what the pouches are on her belt) the fact that those are missing and her sword is drawn suggest she is mid mission.  Also her sword looks a believable length/weight for her.
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This is extraordinarily interesting!  I love the attire. The boots are equal parts functional and rugged. I love the corset, especially the colors. The purple earnestly brings out the entire piece. The blue sash is really what gets my attention though. It's very reminiscent of early romanian clothing, I believe.  The lighting too is rather nice. The shading looks very gentle and rhythmic. The lighting on the sword, especially, looks impeccable. The anatomy is also especially well done. The body is nice, evenly proportioned, but still slim and incredibly beautiful. This is an wonderful piece all around. Well done!
Isn't this a Skyrim armor? Midnight something or other?
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Gosh! She's beautiful!
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she is really elegant, poised, and strong
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Paint them a little less busty and they would look more real!
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Because women never have big breasts, right?
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So I love your art work and was hoping that I could talk to you about doing cover art for a book I am writing. Or simply drawing up my characters for me, see if you'd be able to see inside my head if I described them well enough.
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sexy and dangerous
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Muito bons todos os desenhos!
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I love this! It's so pretty, but my only critique is that her right hand seems to be missing a finger :x [I'm unsure if someone else has already mentioned this, sorry if they have]
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Love your fantasy looks (and yuv worked for Pathfinder: yayy!!!)
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Very charming! Any chance you'd create a half-body or portrait version of this?
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Wow she's actually really gorgeous!! And her outfit is awesome :D
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Everything about this is so awesome. Keep up the good work. :D
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