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Ravix - Cross The Ages Card Game

Hi everybody! Loads of time has passed since I posted here anything new! I've been super busy for the past couple of months, most of the projects are still under NDA, and since I was so focused on work - there was a little room of time for me to actually paint some new personal art and share it with you.

But! Finally one of the projects that I worked on some time ago is officially launched, and hopefully - I could show more artwork that I've done for it soon!
It's the new collectable card game "Cross the Ages" - please check the information on their sleek looking website:
The card you see here - is called Ravix. It was a pleasure to paint some playful forest creatures ^^ 🌱

For NFT Collectors - Find me at:

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I love your designs for all things fae.

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glad to hear it!

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Oh my! This is TOO perfect! Really impressive work!

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glad you like it!

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Adorable but somehow scary

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how are they scaryyy xD

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They are a camouflaged enemy that you cannot see and can slice you up with a death by a thousand cuts and who knows what these little pixies magic can do.

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HAHAHAHAHA! ohh yes well - in that case - yes they are terrifying!!! 🤣🤣🤣

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