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Racial Wars: Landrakun

Another white dragon i've done for Racial Wars CCG :)

More dragons from this project you can find on my blogspot: [link] [link]

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...I've always wondered how this breath weapon could look like -- nice.

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You got some cool Dragons.
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Nice and simple ! Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 
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Stay Away! You'll freeze, just like the others. All the others. DON'T TOUCH ME! Please. I don't want to see the death again. don't stay here. Go. Go far away away from, cold heart, come any closer and you will fill love's icy burn.
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I would love to see this image as a Magic card. It's too good.
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really fantastic!!!!!!!! you should check out my sculptures, I think you might enjoy them
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Racial wars appears to be a card game, like magic the gathering? I'll have to look more into it.

What medium are you using to do these? They are quite beautiful.
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Wouldn't want to be in the path of that, though I wouldn't mind watching from afar :giggle:
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I love your style notably on the black and white drawings you made.
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Amazing work!!
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awesome! Love the tones and textures you used!
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I love the colors!
What's going on with his right horn?
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amazing. fantastic work.:)
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też starszy ?
z nowych ten najbardziej mi się podoba
telthona's avatar
no, starsze starsze. Tak wygląda produkcja, że wcześnie sie oddaje, a zanim to trafi do sklepów to mija kilka miesięcy :) Dzieki.
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to zrozumiałe :) i sam tez tak mam,
nie ma za co
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