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Racial Wars: Dragon Tian Shama

Another white dragon i've done for Racial Wars CCG :)

More dragons from this project you can find on my blogspot: [link] [link]

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Finally, an actual dragon and not that shitty modern wyvern design that's been so popular. 
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btvv im really no racist. XDDD
vvish you a nice vvekend.
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Fantabulous. I love dragons. S
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i will ride it into battle
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Title is Racial Wars.. it's an angry white dragon.. makes complete sense :o

P.S. I love your artwork.
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ooooh so pretty O.o
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You should really draw someone riding on one of those things, like some kind of dramatic battle scene with people involved.
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This is so gorgeous! I am in absolute awe!
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Awesome dragon! I can't tell from here, is the... "neckbeard" part a row of spines, or more of a solid fan shape? Really love it overall but especially the snout and teeth look great, almost like an exoskeleton!
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Wow! Love the pose!
Amazing !! *.* 

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I really like this one, its almost like i can feel the skin of the wing stretching
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