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Nature Godlike WIP

My character from Pillars of Eternity :D still WIP! I'm almost done with the "White March Part2" DLC so soon i can focus on Tyranny ha ha ha (im such a RPG junkie)
I love when the game allows you to replace the character portrait with your own illustration. I'm always tempted to paint my characters :3
And yes, my character is a DRUID - obviously xD

Edit: i changed the name to "Nature Godlike" <-- cos i checked and this is how its actually called (i called it "Earth Godlike" before)

PS: i will update this file in the future when i'm done with the final portrait :D (im gonna add the final version on the right and will upload the final in separate deviation)


Nature Godlike by telthona

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I love this Nature Godlike you created!Heart  Very awesome artwork, thank you for show it telthona! 
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I bought Pillars of Eternity too. I haven't gotten very far but your painting inspires me to play again. I would love to see more process work like this. Absolutely lovely. Toning down her hair really brought out her face shape. 
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sliczna, czekam na skonczona pracke :D
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I liked the dark hair most
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Very cool. Love those branches that twist around her horns. :)
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I never completed PoE. I disliked how the stats worked (the fact that mages still needed might, for example). They refined them a lot better in Tyranny (but it was more of a let-down overall). Should I go back and play PoE again? I kind of feel like no matter what class I play in that game there's always no point cos there's a companion to fill the same role.
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Hmmm.. well, they had to make some changes to the stats for it to feel a bit fresher than the old classic RPGs :) If they would have keep everything exactly  like in Icewind Dale (for example) then this game would be called a "reskin" and not a proper "new game", so I think it had to be done in order for this game to feel a bit fresher :D Still it had some cool things, like wound system for Monks, and note music system for Bards, and very spectacular and huge magic library - I liked how many spells and skills each character can have, and how the whole >world< was nicely put together (the main quest had its epic moments and some side quests nicely filled the rest of the game with content) Managing Caed Nua was also very fun :3 but I understand its not for everybody.
And about Tyranny - one thing that I disliked right away was the fact that NPCs don't have painted portraits there anymore. they "animate", ok, i get it but i preferred painted ones - from obvious reasons ;) :< I bought the game on day one, installed it and played a bit but I wanted to finish Pillars first - so will see what I'll think about the game when I finish it :D
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I actually disliked the "wound" system for monks though. I could never figure it out. Plus to me the aim should be to wear the best armour possible for your class and avoid getting hit/injured. I think that D&D 5e monks, for example, are better thought out.
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It just felt like no matter what class you chose in PoE you had to choose either between being affective in combat (might + dex were needed for pretty much every class) or being effective in conversations (perception + resolve, which almost no classes needed as core stats - certainly not both at the same time). I also don't like that a lot of classes that were obviously supposed to be ranged (priests, mages, and chanters, for example) had spells which were only effective in melee range. Plus then the soulbound weapons threw everything in the toilet because speccing for guns became redundant, and if you wanted to have a priest + mage in the party, then you'd have to make one of them melee (either with the mace for priest, or staff for mage). It was just a genuinely bad system.

And yeah I agree that in Tyranny it's annoying that in conversations they use the character models which would change poses. The models in the game are worse (imo) than in PoE because they went for a chiseled, clay, artistic feel to them, and the game was way too short and the ending rushed overall. I feel it did better with the companions though because you could have any of them in the party and as long as you had at least 1 tank and 1 healer, you could effectively use any of them without feeling an overlap with the player character.
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yeah actually fighting with a mace as a druid was kind of annoyin xDD so i understand
with Tyranny, there are bits of the game that are beautiful (like the world map that you make decision at the beggining of the game) but i dont like the model style too much. Somehow always in these games environment looks better than characters.
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I like the 2nd look best :)
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xD you know its ALWAYS like that. you start sketching, you like sketch you try to finish it up, and it always ends up being something different. The second one is actually the version i have loaded up in the game xD :)
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Hah, ver cute! :3
And yes do the raggy cloth!! ;)
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yep rags fit druids better <3
Nowio's avatar
Yeah they do :D
Btw, how is the game, worth giving it a try? :)
I like the transition.
telthona's avatar
haha I'm still thinking about bringing this raggy cloth back tbh xD
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