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Mermaid - wip

Another work in progress. Glowing mermaid :D
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Absolutely beautiful!
Love it!
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She's looking really nice! I hope you give her webbed hands & feet, too!!
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The coloring is great!
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Beautifully done. i didn't expect it to not have a tail, but I like it this way too :3
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Great figure and beautiful motion in the hair!
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ale wrzucasz wip'ow, fajnie wreszcie cisza sie skonczyla :)
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Hahha, no tak jak się nie ma wykończonych to nawet wip lepszy niż nic xD dzięki za komentarz :}
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Beautiful work. I looove seeing your work in progress :heart:
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Thank you!!! :) btw are you going to Troia for THU this year?
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Oh no, I actually have no idea what it is! It's like a conference?
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yes :D a very cool workshop i've been there last year and it was fantastic! I met many cool artists that i always followed on dA. Its very awesome experience to meet these people in real life :D they generally are as cool as their art. So i was just curious that maybe you are going as well? Its not super cheap but its just once per year and i think its worth every penny.
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Oh wow that is pretty awesome *___* So many good artists! It is quite expensive though D: I never went to an art gathering or con or etc, it's always in a different country... I really want to go to something like this, I'll have to save up :) Thank you so much for telling me about it! :hug:
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yeah, np! its really worth to go there - not only from the friendzone perspective, but from the business perspective as well. People are going around with their business cards and portfolios, and they can catch some cool job opportunities as well :D I really recommend this event!! :) If not this year then the next one perhaps? :D
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Cant wait for the finished product
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Pięknie wygląda w miniaturce. Kończ, bo będzie wyglądać niesamowicie! O>O
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Dziękuję! Taki mam zamiar xD po prostu czasem potrzebuje dodatkowej motywacji żeby coś dokończyć. Większość grafik ktore robię leżą w folderach tygodniami, a jak się pokaże wipa to ma się tą presję żeby skończyć i pokazać dokończone :)
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