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King of Dragons

Dragon that can shape shift into human form :D

done for latest Character Design Challenge
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My brain: You need to stop favoriting everything, it’ll make you look desperate for page views or something!
Me: You expect me to just pass by this beautiful golden boi and NOT favorite it?! Heck, imma watch the person too! 
My brain: 😑

This is SOOOO good. I love everything about it! The lighting is good, the shininess.... ah! It’s so amazing. 
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Woman, bringer of the apple, crust upon son's breath, have you considered making a gold dragon breathing molten gold? Now that would be a challenge! I leave you with my blessing, numb thumb and song of chittering nails: uchuchuchuchuchuchuch.
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*speechless standing ovation*
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Just have to gaze upon this wonder of the world
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Nice one Telthona! I always find gold challenging, you really have to be confident and trust the process. This came out great (=
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Thanks! Yeah, I've done in the past some gold rendering on multiple occasions, but I think i finally got to the point when I know exactly what to do in order to achieve good result :)
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Oh my goodness those golden scales turned out so nice! The coloration is perfect!! 
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super wicked awesome!      
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Reminds me of Villentretenmerth
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Hahha you are the second person to mention him! :)
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thank you! :>
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Awesome work. My character is actually human hybrid that can change into a dragon
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these are the best kinds of dragons ;)
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I agree with you on that
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