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Gold Quest

Edited: a little contrast/exposure tweak to make the image a bit brighter :)

Ok, another one finished! I think I overcooked it a bit. But hey, next one will be better >i hope so<. Anyway... its a classic DnD themed illustration, involves treasure, surprised dragon, and some greedy bastards ;P

I just was in a mood for some good old rpg :>
Edit: brightened it a little, and print added!

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The Gold to his feet could be his shed scales.
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Very nice stuff: some good remeber of my D&D party ^^. 
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yeah man, those adventures...!! ... :D
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You're welcome! :D
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scrooge mcduck w wersji smoczej ;) ?
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hahaha yeah! gromadzący wszystko co się świeci :D
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Excuse me while I go die of awesomeness.
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Oh wow, stunning work!
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Looks great.  I never get tired of this this scenario.
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<3 thank you!! :>
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Gold-made dragon :O
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omg, the dragon almost look like it's made of gold!! And I don't think you overcooked it, it's just perfect :)
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thank you!! :> It really means a lot :> I never really focused on more complicated compositions, i'm usually doing just one character portraits for most of the times, so when I'm trying to do something more complex i have loads of doubts :D So I'm very happy when i see comments like yours! They make me want to paint more :)
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no problem, I'm happy to hear that! you have some incredible skills, it's wonderful that you took the risk here :)
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Will try to get even more risky with my art next year haha :) it’s about a time i guess!
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Yeah, it's hard to go out of one's comfort zone, but I feel like it helps a lot with improvement (at least for me). We'll never know what works best if we don't make mistakes every once in a while haha
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