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Arabic Calligraphy2

By Telpo
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I have some images of what we want if I can send them to you. your work brother is exactly what we are looking for.
I hope to hear from you soon!
Assalamu alikum, Mashaa llah great work. how can I contact you brother? I need to create a logo with arabic calligraphy
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اللهم بارك ...
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وفيك بارك
what does it mean?
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Say, "It is great news " ... About Final Day in the world It's named " Alqyamah "

I need one good arabic calligraphie of the name hamudi and or mohamamad ali. Kann you help me with that ?

Kindly Regards

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sorry brother .... i can't cause am so busy
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I love your choice of colors. Being new to Islam and the Arabic language, it would be wonderful if you provided translations/transliteration for your beautiful calligraphy! I have figured out some on my own though. Inshallah I'll learn more :-)
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what does it mean in english
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dats ssooooo cool :P wat does it mean ? :P
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das sooo cool :P wat does it mean XD ? :P
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معلش تاني ازاي خليت اطراف الحروف شفافة زي الهمزة اللي فوق عند الميزان .. جامدة ما شاء الله
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عملت سلكشن وبعدين Expand 5
وبعدين اخترت اللون الأبيض وضيف لاير تحت لير النص ... وخليتها

وبدأت ألون
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تبارك الله ما اشاء الله

سوف استفيد ما ركزت عليه يا اخي و سوف ابعث لك رابط لترى الاعمال معدلة

ربما لانني فعلا منبهر بالتأثيرات لكن ربما يبج ان نبعد التأثيرات عن الخطا حتى تتأكد خصوصيته
ما شاء الله
جزاك الله خيرا
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great great work
ما شاء الله عليك
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الله يحفظك ويجزيك كل خير
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نفس الكلام السابق مخطوطة مميزة
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جزاك الله كل خير
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Cool man .. Really great work
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