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NOTE:  I almost never log in any more, so I probably won't see comments left here. E-mail me if you want a reply (personal email in my Devious Info section below, or email


All righty, then. I've set up an announcement list via Dreamhost to notify interested people when I'm open for a commission. This way, I have an idea of people who are interested, but it's not a list of commitments to do art, because I always fail at meeting that sort of commitment if I ahve more than one person on a list.

Anyway. Stuff to know before signing up:

1) Dreamhost is weird in sending stuff out. I have no control over when messages *actually* go out from it, so you might receive the message several hours after I send it. This also means that I might have sent it 2 hours ago and you may still have a chance to be the first to respond. :)

2) I also have no control over *your* email host and when they send messages out. If you reply to me immediately, it might be hours before your provider sends it, although that tends to be rare. (I did once receive an email fourteen months after someone sent it!)

3) You don't have to be actively seeking a commission to be on the list - if I send out that I'm open and you don't have the $$ for one at the time, just delete the message.

4) You should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe yourself, but if that doesn't work I'll happily do it for you.

5) Once I've accepted a commission I'll send out another message on the list that it's now closed. It will most likely be first-come, first served (exception being if you got the immediate previous commission - I'd like to give others a chance!), unless we start talking and I don't feel I'm up to your request at that time.

6) You will get NO OTHER MAIL from this but my announcements of opening and closing, and perhaps a list of general prices/styles and other info like that (and the VERY occasional test message to make sure it's working!). If you do get something not directly related to the purpose of the list, it means that Dreamhost is compromised and spammers are sending messages out.

7) Don't worry about sending a detailed message in reply to the announcement if you're interested: just a quick "hey, me!" will do, and I'll get back to you for details if you're the first, or if the first doesn't work out and you're the second).

Right! Ready to sign up?

(Also, little-known secret: you can also just email me directly and ask if I'm willing/able to take a commission right then. The answer might be No, but I sometimes have time in the next few days when it hasn't occurred to me to post about it. If it seems you're consistently getting messages too late to get one, try just emailing me. :D)

Prices tend to start at $100 for a realistic digital painting of one character with a simple background and I add $$ for more details - another character, complex background, etc.  For simpler pics, like a cel-style manga/anime feel, it starts closer to $50, with additional $$ for additions. If you're on the announcement list and I'm open, feel free to email me and discuss the price - I don't consider that you've committed to the purchase until after you've heard my quote and you've said yes. (If you say no after I quote, there are no hard feelings! I understand! Don't be shy!)
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Submitted on
June 11, 2012