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4/12/2009 - Commissions open for the month of April! If I don't get to your slot in the queue in April, I will be doing it in June, as I'm reserving May for A-Kon prep.


The boring bits:

Payment process: You can thank the person who commissioned me and stiffed me for my new policy requiring half the payment in advance, with the rest due when the image is done before I send you the final full-size version. Process: I'll send you a sketch, which I admit may be messy because I'm a messy sketcher, and you can make suggestions and ask for changes then. After that, any more changes will add to the final cost. When it's done, I'll send you a low-resolution watermarked image, and once the payment is finished, I'll send you the full-resolution file/print/original/whatever.

Payment forms: And you can thank the person at a con who wrote me a bum check (where I discovered that if I cash a bum check, I'm responsible for the fees AND the amount of the check. Luckily it was a $6 check, so I'm only out $11 total) for me no longer accepting checks. I'll accept Paypal, gift certificates, concealed cash, credit card via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account), and money orders.


Examples below.

Base rates (1 character, simple or no background, 8x10 inch)

CG chibi - $20 (6x6 in.)
CG B&W linework - $30
CG flat or cel color - $40
CG toned - $35
CG painted - $75
CG realism - $100+ (Talk to me about what you want and I'll quote - it depends how long it will take me to do)
Photomanip (make your photo look like an oil painting!) - $40
Rendered pencil - $50
Marker - $60

Additional characters - +$5 each
A more elaborate background - +$5
Larger canvas (11 x 17" for CG, 16 x 20" for traditional) - +25% base cost

What you get:

You get a high-resolution file emailed to you that you can print, make icons of, post on your journal, whatever, as long as you credit me.  If you want a high-quality print (CG) or the original (traditional) mailed to you, that's $5 postage for the US and Canada.  Note me for a quote for other countries.


I reserve the right to sell prints of the result. If you want exclusive image rights - which means I can't sell prints - that's an additional 50% of the base cost.



Fan art or original characters are fine. I'll draw up to an R rating. I'm comfortable with artistic nudity and suggestive situations with characters over the age of 18, and will age non-18 characters. Check my gallery here and at for examples. I'm comfortable with any combination of genders.



CG chibi:
I HAVE JOINED THE DARK SIDE by telophase So Happy I Could Spit by telophase

CG B&W linework:
Maiko by telophase Hooker Aya Inks by telophase Kenpachi and Yachiru by telophase

CG flat or cel color:
Hey, Nice Work by telophase Grimmjow and ... Orihime? by telophase Bleach - Spa Day - Color by telophase

CG toned:
(I need to make a few examples of this!)

CG painted:
Daybreak by telophase Breeze by telophase
Drum Beat Heart Beat by telophase Project Blue Rose: Human Touch by telophase

CG realism:
Touch Not the Cat by telophase BANG BANG by telophase APT01 - Woman in Red Dress by telophase

Photomanip to look like a painting (no crappy filters!):
Regency Portrait by telophase

Rendered pencil:
One-Winged Angel by telophase Advent Children: Triptych by telophase
Mr. Attitude by telophase 004 - White Flowers by telophase

Yuuko by telophase Koumyo Sanzo Marker by telophase


1. helen_keeble
2. jarodrussell
3. ArgoForg
4. octopedingenue
5. Chaos2112
6. poilass
7. PKBitchGirl

[[alliekatgal for livelongnmarry]]
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May I claim a commission spot?
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telophaseHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! I've just put you in at #8.

I haven't done commissions in a really long time, so I can't really guess how long it'll take me to do them, so the basic spiel I'm giving everyone goes thusly: I'm reserving May for getting ready for A-Kon. If I don't get to you in April, I'll move you to June, when I can get back to the commission queue. If you decide you don't want the commission you can leave the queue at any point, no questions asked. I won't take the half in advance until I get to your turn in the queue and we've talked about what you want because I don't want to take anyone's money and then flake out in case something happens.

Thank you!
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Woohoo! Just let me (jarodrussell) when to send the description.
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telophaseHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure thing! :D
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Do you have any references of other artists doing what you call 'CG toned'? /curious
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telophaseHobbyist Digital Artist
I've actually got some examples of my own toning, but I didn't show them above because they're of comic pages and I didn't want to imply that I'd do an entire page of several panels and really elaborate details for that base price, as it takes me forever to do it. XD If you go to this [link] it'll be the start of the first few pages of a manga that my writer and I were shopping around a few years ago.

This [link] is a picture of one character, toned, but it's really simpler than I'd do for $35, as the background is one tone (of a tree) pasted in, and he's mostly a simple gradient.

Er, does that help at all?
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Ooh, yes, that helps a lot actually. May I claim a commission slot, please? (Or should I note you? It isn't clear in the entry.)
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telophaseHobbyist Digital Artist
(Replying to another comment to keep the message with your contact info in my message center as a reminder. :D)

Sure thing! I'll let you know when I get to your spot in the queue. :D
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telophaseHobbyist Digital Artist
Sure! I'll put you in at #6. I'm being uselessly vague about contacting me as I've got announcements over on Livejournal, too, and people emailing me, commenting there, noting, etc. It's all good, although I'm filling the queue as I come across the comments/notes/emails/etc., rather than in strict time fashion. :D

Anyway! Other info I didn't post above: I won't take the first half the payment until I actually start yours, because I'm not yet certain how quickly or slowly I'm going through these, and I don't want to take anyone's money and then not get to it for weeks. And you can withdraw from the queue at any point before then if you decide not to go ahead with the commission - no questions asked. :)
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W00t, thank you! Now to figure out what all of the different options I want and start putting together the picture references/text descriptions.

E-mail is probably more convenient for reaching me than notes, but I'll answer either. E-mail address is chaosangel at republicofnewhome dot org. Use whichever is more convenient for you.
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