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You are purchasing a high-resolution file of my deviation Waterfall. The size of the picture is 3300 x 5100 pixels, and it will print out 11 x 17" in size at 300 pixels per inch.

Legal stuff: You may print out a copy of this for your own use. You may use a LOW-RESOLUTION version online as an avatar. (If you do not understand what "low-resolution" is, please email me and ask!) You may not upload the full version to the internet. You may not sell it. You may not use it as the cover of your book or an interior illustration or anything like that without contacting me first (I ask quite reasonable rates for that!) You may not sell copies of this image in any way, in any form, without contacting me first.

Please do not print copies for your friends: the money I make by selling art goes to things like food, art supplies, and the mortgage.


I've been working off and on on this painting since early December. It was an attack painting that hit me as I was reading Ghosts and the Japanese: Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends by Michiko Iwasaka and Barre Toelken in an attempt to get inspiration for my Yuletide story. The book is full of reproductions of ghosts painted on scrolls, and when I saw this one (image from Pink Tentacle - see this and many other ghost scrolls in their blog entry here), of a bloody ghost holding a baby standing in a waterfall, the image wouldn't leave me.

It also wanted to be painted in a Chinese novel style, or at least as close as I could fake it, so I had to work that out, too. XD At any rate, what we have here is a sort of wuxia-flavored version of a Japanese story. The story, by Encho, is Kaidan chibiusa enoki, which has been filmed a couple of times although I haven't seen it. The basic story, which I've gathered from the intartubes, is that Utagawa Shigesumi, a painter, is killed by a ronin who's taken a fancy to his wife. Utagawa's ghost comes back and wreaks vengeance upon the ronin, and saves his infant son, who was thrown over a waterfall.

Many thanks to myrialux, my husband, who patiently posed for me holding his Chinese sword and my stuffed Sanzo doll (made by fourthage) when I couldn't find any pictures online that were in the least bit helpful. :D

Done in Photoshop and Painter, over far too many days.
Lynx-Tiger Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I like the bloody version a whole lot more, but I think that's because I like the drama it brings to the picture. I'm adding it to my faves, and am so happy to see that you're still painting away! :) I still have your pictures from the animefest that I found you at! You're an amazing artist and very gifted. Keep up! I'm rooting for you!
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