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Tohru Honda

For once, not a picture of a guy! A picture of a sad girl, instead! A semi-realistic version of Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket.

Pencil on charcoal paper, original 8x10". Critique discouraged becuase there's no time to fix anything before A-Kon.
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i like the realistic features you added in. this drawing is amazing!
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It's very good,although you would need to show her other foot in the back
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I like the realistic version! this is awesome!
kiwi4850's avatar
oh wow i love this and it's fo good
kyo looks so cute!!
dishrag-chan's avatar
Yay! It looks so good! Tohru looks so pretty here.
pkstar's avatar
Beautiful job. I enjoy your style of her, realism and all.
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So I'm not the only one that (at least attempts, in my case) draws Furuba realisms! I bow to you, madame. *bows*
Excellent job! It looks so beautiful. :D
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I like this version of Tohru.
It makes her more realistic without losing that delicate nature that she's all about.
And I like the fact that Yuki and Kyo are there too.
They're so cute!
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I like it. I"m glad you put Yuki and Kyo in it too. I love Fruits Basket! Great pic! :thumbsup:
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Wow... those are WERY,WERY,WERY COOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I dont even draw that good you're amaizng!!
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Wow it’s so weird to see her with some muscle on her. Natsuki-sama always draws her characters so delicate. Nice job and I love Kyo's understanding expression.
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