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Comic and Manga Print Area Tut

By telophase
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This is a short tutorial explaining four concepts you need to know if you're making comic or manga pages for print. This is how you know where to put speech balloons so they won't be cut off, and how to make some panels bleed off the edge of the page.

Almost a megabyte in size - slow connections beware.
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I've had preprinted pages and still found myself confused as heck with all the lines and margins. I would go cross eyed looking at that mess. This tut makes all the difference. Thank you.
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i know it's been a while since you've posted this, but i just wanted to say thanks for making it! it's a great resource. :)
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interesting to know. Thanks!
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Thank u for this sooo much! I've been wondering about this a lot. Even your other comments on here are useful! But just to make sure.. So if u want to be recognized and u draw on an A4 size manuscript and submit it, is that ok?
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Very informative. I do have one question though.
Is 1/4 inch for the bleed, trim and safety standard for all page sizes? For example if I wanted to do pages that would be 7.2 X 10.2 would I need a trim and bleed larger than 1/4 inch?
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Love this, thanks for the awesome tutorial!
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Very awesome tutorial thankyou!!

Um, could you also make a manga writing script tutorial? Or do you have one?

I'm SO confuse on making a script.. D:
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Oh I'm sorry, please excuse this..I didn't mean to bother you..

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you don't know how helpful you've been. like, really, i wanna, like, give you my heart because of this tutorial.
you really don't know what you did.
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You're welcome and thank you for the kind words! XD
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lol no prob and THANK YOU!
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Would you happen to know any place that would allow mature sexual content to be printed? I've been looking for a print place where I can still own my own book, and have it printed. Most places either want to own the rights to it, or they won't print it at all.
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On quickly checking the DW Press site, they seem to have stopped printing other people's stuff again. You could ask Lightning Source if they'll print it.
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"Books should not be pornographic or obscene to a degree where they would not be carried by a traditional trade bookstore."

Poo diddly. >_>;; Thank you though. The search continues! lol
I've bookmarked them, and even though they say that in their FAQ I'll check after I finish it. XD;
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Try Dreamweaver Press. I think they might.
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Yeah I Googled Manga printing and this came up. Very helpful :) Thanks for taking time to make this. Faved :) If you need any cover art, let me know :)
This guide is really useful... but I have one question. I heard that when you want to publish something, you need to use a bigger format to draw you story than the format it'll be publish. Do you know which format is the best if you want to publish ? And if you do, does the size of the bleed/trim/safety change ?

Please if you can answer my question, do. I searched everywhere I could and didn't find anything !
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Sure, I can answer, although you might not like it. XD The format that's best is the format that the company wants you to use. And everyone has a different format. If you're trying to do a regular comic that you hope to sell to a company like Marvel or DC, they use standard sizes and you can buy comic board/paper in that size. If you're thinking about something more manga-like, or an indie comic, then the company probably has its own size.

The good thing about that is that you don't have to worry about it before you sign a contract with them: you can submit a story or sample work in whatever size you like and they'll give you the technical specs to draw the story after they hire you. It's pretty much a fact of life that you'll be rewriting and re-drawing whatever you submit if you're hired. So don't worry too much about the specs.

The one case in which you *do* have to worry about the specs before you're hired is if the company is running a contest or soliciting already-created material. And in those cases, the company will put the specs they're looking for in the contest rules or the submission guidelines, so you'll know what they are.

Or, perhaps, you decide you want to self-publish. In *that* case, you select a printer first and talk to them about their specs. The company I used to print the comic I used for this tutorial is no longer in the business, so I switched. The new company I found has slightly different specs, but not too different. But I found out what they were before settling in to draw the final pencils of the next comic for them. :)
Thank you, you anwsered my question perfectly !
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You're welcome! :)
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This is a great guide! *favs*
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great stuff! very importsnt if u want to bring it to press :)
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Very thrilled to see this, I was wondering myself. Helps a LOT! <3
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