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Bleach - Spa Day - Color

Aaaaand, now this one again, in color. Not the most complex of color jobs ever, but it's basically a one-note joke and not worth spending too much time coloring. :D

Although I wonder what article's got Kenpachi looking so thoughtful?

Inks Manga Studio, colors Photoshop.

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LOL this is highlarious
Yuaza's avatar
I mostly lol'd because of Kenpachi haha
love it :)
crazyandmuttering's avatar
yes. It actually makes sense when you think about it.
CreepingBoNE's avatar
1001 ways to horribly mutilate you enemy?
arelia-dawn's avatar
I really like the colors in this, actually! The whole thing reminds me of a woodcut print.
(Also, this is hilarious xD)
liralenli's avatar
I just love this Day at the Spa with these guys.
Chknut's avatar
BishoNoTeresa's avatar
rofl, Cosmo magazine xD
bookwormchick's avatar
i wonder how much hair jell they use on Kenpachi...
HippoKrys's avatar
Omg is Kenpachi reading cosmo?? lol. wow, this is priceless.
Contradirty's avatar
BAHAHAHA! This is genius!
rormnsa2gether's avatar
my-name-is-totoro's avatar
I have found this totally awesome *yay-ahs*

*thumbs up* & *nose bleed* & *favorite*
Doom-Princess's avatar
i laughed i cryed it moved me bob. so awsomely funny!
Animite6's avatar
,,,I KNEW IT@!
Animerox08's avatar
:rofl: so that's the reason for their hair styles!
SauraAsuna's avatar
i like it!!awesome and so...FUNNY!!XD.I like Byakun_chan,ken_chn and the naricst one...!!hahah^^XD
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