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019 - Nap Time

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There's enough detail you'll probably want to fullview this.

For ~chibipoe, winner of the 3000 kiriban. ~chibipoe requested a Naruto/Hogwarts crossover pic, with Jiraiya as the DADA professor.

*This* is why you do not fall asleep in Jiraiya's class! I think it's Ron's look of horrified anticipation that just makes it for me.

I know that only two Houses attend each class. You can deal. I drew the characters I wanted to draw, and then assigned them to Houses afterwards. The Rasengan effect also looked nicer before I overworked it and screwed it up, so don't be too hard on me about that. Oh well. Title as always from the List o'Topics found in ~Kugen's journal. I think you'll find it quite appropriate.

So why does ~chibipoe want a crossover pic like this? Let me answer that by pimping my LJ fanfic recommendation community, fic_sans_pareil. You can find the answer to this in the comments of one of my reviews. And *then* [hypnotic voice] you will want to join the community and post reviews of really really well-written fanfic. ONE - TWO - JANGO!

[ edit ] Forgot to add that I'm submitting this to the ~naruto-madness "Crossover" competition. I have also just uploaded a step-by-step for this one. Not because I'm in love with the sound of my own voice, but because I almost never paint in this painterly all-canvas fashion, and I wanted to keep track of what I did and how I did it, and I figure you guys might want to know. (That's the big secret behind my tutorials - they're because I have a bad memory and I want to remember how I did them!) It's not very verbose for most steps, but it's hard to explain what I did.

[ edit 2 ] This time I'm not sorry to pop this up again in your watch lists, because I'm plugging the story that's invovled with it and the reason ~chibipoe asked for a Naruto/Hogwarts crossover pic. :D Go read the story over at The first chapter's up as of this posting (May 18th) and there's the promise of more to come. Yay!
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Wow! Naruto and Harry Potter.
Good combination!
charla316's avatar
draco's all smug
Garmiet's avatar
Heh. I like the way you did Shikamaru's expression/pose. =D
thirteenth-Capricorn's avatar
oh boy, naruto is in for a rude awakening...

jiraiya's expression is epic win XD in fact everyone's expressions are epic wins...
paintball-pl's avatar
Harry -> Lee = LOOOOOOL :D
blackbird96's avatar
zukos-stalker's avatar
Draco looks so funny in the background! :D this is so great! HP + Naruto = :heart:
MetaSyke's avatar
And you thought your teacher had rough punishment for napping in class. XD
UchihaLynn's avatar
EEEEEEEEE!! I recognized those robes INSTANTLY!! They're at teh HOGWARTS!! Yay! And I see teh evil bastard, Malfoy, in teh corner... RAWR!! *Goes up and pokes*
big j's an evil bastard. lol great work
Houndourneo's avatar
I think I'd like Harry Potter more if it was about a Wizard/ninja blonde guy who has a ninetailed demon in him instead of Harry Potter himself.
PeridotHorntail's avatar
Have I mentioned how much I'm disliking you yet? Harry is awesome! JIRAIYA! SMITE THE EVIL STUDENT OVER HERE!

*Yes, I am a brownosing Ravenclaw, wat's yer point?*
midnightwings91's avatar
awesome pic...narutos gonna get a really harsh wake up call... ^^
TwinEnigma's avatar
Someone is about to get pwned.


trots off to examine tutorial
I cant believe its not shikamaru
Yoel-Da-BOMB's avatar
lol!i see harry + hermine
Da1TruPhoenix's avatar
OMG!!! I bought this print from you at animefest 06...or...i hope it was u...AWESOME PIC!!!
telophase's avatar
Yup, I was there selling it. :D Thanks!
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This is AWESOME! I LOVE this! Omg, I want to go... ör... hmm... there :D
QuidditchJunkie's avatar
This is amazing! And utterly hilarious. ^_^ I love it so much. Great work!

Good job. ^_^ Adding to favs.
fashionably-late's avatar
XD That's awesome!
will2012's avatar
awesome :D it awesome :D awesome :D
Narsilion's avatar
I love draco's expression in the bg. XDD
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