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002 Hand: Iruka and Naruto



OK, here's the colored version of this guy. Done in Painter with frequent reference to the works of :iconpaintpixel: because I love her coloring style. Not as good as she is, but I think I did fairly well. :D

For anyone tuning in for the first time, I'm taking inspiration from :iconkugen:'s translation of a Japanese list of topics to draw. This is #2, in the Soft/Peaceful category, titled "Hand". I've felt like trying Naruto fanart for a while, and musing on the subject came up with this idea -- a four-year-old Naruto with Iruka-sensei, his father figure.

It's actually not completely done - I want to go trhough and soften the harsh linework into the colors, but it's 1 AM, and I have to be somewhere tomorrow morning at ten o'clock, so that's going to ahve to wait until later. I'll edit this when I get that done.

[ edit ] OK, I edited it and re-uploaded it. I ahvne't seen any change in the pic yet, but I'm going to trust that DeviantArt got it and will change it at some point in the future, as they've done before with other pics I uploaded. So, whether you can see it or not, I fixed some problems with Naruto's anatomy and Iruka's hand. I also redid Naruto's hair - I remembered that my art teacher told me once that I was doing these wonderful simple drawings and then I'd get to the hair, overwork it, and mess up the picture. So I figured that was probably what was wrong with this one. :) And thena fterwards, I put a faint sheen of purple on the yellows and oranges to kill the brightness and direct the attentions more to Naruto's face and their hands.

Forgot to add -- for all those people who liked the feet on this guy, I added dirt to the bottom of Naruto's feet. :D

Last edit, I swear. At least until tomorrow. Fixed Naruto's face so he doesn't look so much like a Cyclops any more, and moved his hair around to compensate. I'm mostly satisfied with it -- there's a couple of places that I see that I might go back and fix later. Or not, as the case may be. It's at least acceptable now. :)
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This is so cute.  I adore these two.