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You all betrayed me :icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
My winter wonderland by Telomin My winter wonderland :icontelomin:Telomin 3 0
You didn't chose us
I made you out to be
The one who would be great for me
The one who would always be there
And not just when my heart is covered in tears
The one who'd put my wishes
Before his capitalistic dreams
The one who's make cozy nights
And read bedtime stories to our kids
You'd came into my life when I was in the worst pain
But you left when I could barely move
After 4 years we could have moved in
But your capitalistic desires made you stay at home
And we will never have those kids
Because you held on to your pride
Instead of accepting that you could be better
Sometimes I still imagine those dreams I had
But then I remember you chose yourself
Instead of us
Maybe you'll be ready in a few years
But remember what I said
Once I move on, I'll never go back
And there's a smile dancing on my lips when I think of someone else
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
The shape of my face
Skin of a doll
Too precious to touch
Curve of the lips
Too sharp for words
Eyes of an angel
Too deep in the dark for you to follow
Hair of silk
Would cut your skin into pieces
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
My con man.
My conman
I'd learned to study those expression
That would tell me if what was being said
was the truth or a lie
I had screamed and yelled at you
Trying to scare you away
..because only someone real would stay?
Later I realized
You had lied to my face
not once, not twice,
don't know how many times
And yet you had stayed
Even though I'd try to scare someone like you away
Realized you'd con me
But what did you get out of it?
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
my fault
I remember him saying it wasn't me
Not my fault he fell into darkness
Not my fault it turned out that way
It's been ten yesrs
I still feel like it's my fault
I had someone who loved me to the end of the world and back
He did all to make me happy
He'd do it all
But the feelings were too strong for me to handle
After an accident I lost all faith to lead a happy life
Sparing him from the worst
I said something
Only to make him let go
Him walking in to other's arms was fine by me
Little did I know that he'd walk into darkness
Falling into the arms of bad company and drugs
Not the happy healthy girls I'd wish for him to meet
When he was with me he had dreams,  goals
I could see him become someone great...
Now I don't even know if he's alive
I know he said it's not my fault
That things turned out the way the did
But if I'd handled things differently then...
Would be both have blossomed until now?
:icontelomin:Telomin 1 0
we all start somewhere  by Telomin we all start somewhere :icontelomin:Telomin 1 0 even through the storm by Telomin even through the storm :icontelomin:Telomin 1 0
only a man
A man will cheat and lie,  then wonder why you became bitter.  
Then he'll walk away, and continue to do so until he learned it was his mistakes all along.
:icontelomin:Telomin 1 0
you betrayed but rob me of my feelings
He doesn't understand
That all those demands
Have a reason
Wanted to override the pain from that time
When nothing else works
I try to conjure new pain
Anything to forget
As to make it forgivable
But I can't forget
And sometimes I feel
As if I shouldn't forget
It was the worst betrayal,
He could have done
For someone already hurt,
It was the worst betrayal,
That created an ever deeper wound
For someone who gave him all,
It was a betrayal
That flaunted his egoism
For someone who trusted him all
It was the worst betrayal
That he never could explain
He doesn't understand
That it was the worst betrayal
And he doesn't understand
That all the things he hate that I do
Is my way of trying to
Somehow bear with it
And he doesn't understand
That I couldn't because I shouldn't forgive
And he doesn't understand,
How all my efforts falls in vain
When he doesn't allow me
To speak up,
To act up
To demand
To cry
To scream
When I have to pretend that it's all normal
When it's not
I need to create someon
:icontelomin:Telomin 1 0
If she's with a guy like you
If she's with a guy like you
I wonder if she's ever loved before
If she's with a guy like you
I wonder how happy she is
If she's with a guy like you
I wonder if she has any ambitions
If she's with a guy like you
I'm starting to wonder if she loves torture
If she's with a guy like you
I want to help her get away
If she's with a guy like you
Then I'm glad I'm not like her
:icontelomin:Telomin 1 0
Rose of lies
You gave me a white rose
I put it in the windowsill for everyone to see
Next to it stood my white rose
With one black leaf
From that one time I lied
Compared to you, and that white rose
I felt like I should always try to be better
I had a goal
To not let you down again
And turn another leaf black
To think you were better than me,
made me a better person

Then one day,
I accidentally touched one leaf of the rose
and I got something white on my arm
Surprised, I looked at the rose,
and one leaf was only half white
Was this paint?
How many leaves were actually black?
In my surprise and anger
I started to dust off the rose
Leaf after leaf turned black
I desperately tried to find another white
I have not yet
and there is not many leafs left
Now where is my goal?
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
A fresh beginning
the love for you
is as fresh
as an early spring morning
when you are unsure
if the air is filled
with morning dew
or a hint of
light rain
a slight scent of grass
chilled breaths
into your lugns
tiny drops
of rain making you
aware of the skin
it's promising
that our love
will with time
become as fulfilling
as a beautiful
sunny spring day
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 2
A love song to nobody rewritten
When the darkness falls
I want to hide in the dark
But then you look at me
And I start to glow
Can never hide,
Never from you
You don't grab my hand
But I see your eyes linger on it
I thought you were an illusion
To think you were my dream man
Laying in front of me
Seemed too good to be true
All those years ago
I thought I wrote a long song to nobody
Turns out
I wrote a love song to my future boyfriend
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0
How much I..
Why does my hand move of itself
When I'm expressing anger, disappointment
in a poem that is finished in minutes
And when I want to express happiness
there are no words left?
Are we not meant to write when we are happy?
Are we meant to dance?
(Do I need to learn how to dance?)
But I want to put in words
How much I
Appreciate and adore him
How much I
love spending time with him
How much I
want to be a part of his life
(and not just the escape from it)
How much I
want this to work
How much I
love him
How much I
hope he loves me too
:icontelomin:Telomin 1 3
The one you used to have
Those eyes you never wanted me to look at you with
I always thought that they were too filled of love
for you to handle
You look at me with sparkling eyes
They're filled with too much of something
And it's too much for me to handle
Is it regret?
Is it realization?
Laying before you is someone
Who used to love you
who used to be there for you
Who would do anything to keep you close
Now she is someone
Who loves someone else
Who is there for someone else
Who does everything to keep someone else
She is not yours
You can only look at her
With admiration in your eyes
Thinking it's the best you had
But now
She only wants to be the best
For someone
Who isn't you
:icontelomin:Telomin 0 0


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You all betrayed me
and this is what I got

You, the first one
I trusted you could let me go
And instead you choked me against a door

You, the second one
I trusted I would be the only one on your mind
And instead I found your love letters to your ex

You, the third one
I trusted you when you said you weren't as bad as the second one
And instead, you hadn't even made that girl your ex

What did I do to deserve something like this?
Was I too naive?
Should I not have trusted you?
Does other's deserve my distrust because of what you did?

You all betrayed me
And I despise you all

My body is breaking down
Yes, you broke me
My body is attacking itself
All the stress, all the heartbreak
You can only take so much
My body is attacking itself
And I'm chronically ill

You all betrayed me,
and some of you made me terribly ill
And I didn't know until now

My cells aren't working
The very tiniest parts of me even
They're not splitting as they should
And I can only hope that
Doctors will be able to fix me
Before my life is on the line

You all betrayed me
You all caused me stress and my heart to break
And I do not know which one of you
That even broke my cells

So I will just blame you all
You all betrayed me
I have pre stage cancer because of it


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South Korea
I'm a a Swedish girl that lives in South Korea. I don't write to "play with language", I write to "explore emotions" and to occasionally throw some moral values lessons at ppl. :)

(creds to for my deviantID pic and my avatar pic. Photo by leaningforward)


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