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hello, my name is Teloka Berry!
I haven't been around deviantArt for quite a long time,
but I'm excited to re-learn, catch up with old friends,
and maybe make some new ones!

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currently not open for anything because I'm still getting settled
in again, but I'll sort this out soon. for now, you can find me in these other places! thank you!

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hello again! happy new year, it's been a while since I updated! I'm sorry about that, a lot has been going on and I've been struggling to keep up with my various social media websites!! I'll keep this short, but I wanted to let everyone here know that I have a new patreon account! you can support me there for a dollar or a few month, and you get access to tonnes of cool and exclusive goodies!! one of the things that I post over there for the $3+ tiers are priority slots and early release adopts! so I thought that I should let you folks here know about that especially! my patrons always get first looks at and first chance offers
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hello again, good folks of dA! I'd have hosted this as a poll, but I haven't got core, so.. a journal it is, I'd really appreciate any feedback if you have the time! ~iluplz ( I'm not real big in the adopts community or anything, but I do have a cute little species I'd love to release as adoptables someday! they've got lots of room for growth and creativity, and I just think that would be a lot of fun! but... I was wondering what people's... preferences tend to be towards? when I look at very successful adopt species, they almost always seem to be canine based, or at the very least, four-legged, and that got me wondering, if that'
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howdy friends and folks. it's been a long time! I don't know how anything works here on dA anymore, this is all quite frightening! I dunno how many of you are still around here, but I'll offer my apologies for disappearing none-the-less. thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes, gave me llama badges, interacted with my work, and left messages or comments in my absence. some of you found me in other places, namely on tumblr where I've been moderately more active over the last few years and where my artwork has still been going up every now and then, but I never managed to get back here and make that common knowledge. a lot has happened i
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Uhh hey there teloka . Been about 13yrs

Hey, I just wanted to check you were okay as you've been silent for a while, no pressure on the art side, more just a check in to make sure life's alright your end? xx
hello there! thanks for checking in!

yes, I am fine! sorry for being quiet,
got hit hard by festive season business and
related work loads on my too-many projects, haha!

I try to keep dA for finished work and
general professionalism, but I update a lot more
with photos and WIPs and life sundry updates on
twitter, so if you're ever concerned you can always
check over there!

I can reassure you though that 99% of the time it's
just the same old stuff and that I just got snowed under
with work and/or depression of some kind!!

I do hope to have new punch buggies up soon!
I've been real busy with clearing my customs
list (just general, not buggie related) and my webcomics,
so I missed the Christmas theme!! nooooo, but maybe
Easter instead, or something just for the spring!!
<3 am glad you're alright. I don't have my own twitter account, but imma keep yours open and check it for updates :D hope your brain's not being too bad to you, depression sucks ;w; looking forward to seeing completed stuff! *cheers you on*
that's really sweet, thank you!!
sorry I've just been so packed out busy with family stuff,
festive seasons and other work! a@ but hopefully now I
can get a little break and do some more buggie work!

I've been itching to put out a new set! 
Valentine's is coming up... so I feel like that's a good
and cute opportunity I don't wanna miss like I missed
Christmas, haha! I have some drinks drafted!!

thank you so much for your support and encouragement!!
also.....gentle query about xmas buggies? *hopeful face*
ahhhh I know I have been wanting to bring them out!!!
I have several ideas and drafts, I've just been so short on time to get them done!
I'm encouraged by your interest though, thank you!! I'll do my best to get some out, but I'm worried
I won't get them out before christmas at this rate! ;u;