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A Throw Rug Fit for a King

Every time this scene pops up in The Lion King, I always comment, "And he did in Hercules." It's just another way that Disney connects its' films with one another.
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Well Zazu, you're dream came true.
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:XD: So i am not only one who noticed that!
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lol.  You know it must be fun to be a Disney animator. Giggle
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Or it would have been for me if Disney didn't keep putting their 2D animators out of work, cause those are the only kind of animated films I would ever care about doing.
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You can thank Disney's current owner, Iger, for that one. He simultaneously murdered the 2D animation industry in the United States, and other companies world wide copied. After all, if big-name Disney doesn't do 2D animation anymore, then it must be out of style, right? Wrong.
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I couldn't agree more. But hey, I read that a couple years from now he'll actually be leaving Disney. I for one would look forward to that.
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Yes and no. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know. Who knows who will take his place. Could be better---may be worse. Can't tell.
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Apparently Scar was the Nemean Lion in Hercues as well.
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