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Hey everyone! :)

Sorry for the long update. Anyways, we're going to start polling for the Sam and Max Contest! Remember back then when some of you submitted your pictures for the contest? Well, we're going to start public polling!

The basic rules are:
anyone who didn't enter the contest can vote! Go to the Sam and Max contest folder and take a look at the entries, then send a note to me saying how many points you would give certain images on a scale from one to five. You can give all the images points, or just a select amount of images with points, you don't have to give them all points.

For those who did enter the contest and still want to vote, do the same, just do not vote for your image. Thus saying, you can only give six images points. If I do see you voting for your own image, you won't be able to vote.

Here is the list of pictures and the points allocated so far!

Bad Max… Gohaku2
Points: 9

Dare Not Sleep by CelestialSymphony
Points: 10

Bubbles by rubygloommel
Points: 14

It Lasted 3 Seconds by lagofiend
Points: 18

Zwei, Drei, Bier by Klatuu-VII
Points: 14

The Chase by pheeph
Points: 13

Sam and Max - Season 3 by Maliris-San
Points: 19

Thank you, and good luck to the entrees! :)