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:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:2ND UPDATE!:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:
The contest has now been closed! May 27th was the deadline, and that day is here. Please do not submit anymore entries to the " Sam and Max Contest" folder until another update has been issued. Thank you.

The rest of the entry will still be here so you all can look at it for reference.

:bulletblack:The Theme:bulletblack:
The Theme of the contest is Sam,Max, And Music. The judges,(me, *Ginny-N, ThatsHayleyCity and~Internetakias have chosen 2 songs from the soundtrack of the Sam and Max games. What you, the contestant will do is draw a picture of Sam and Max that has something to do with the song you chose. It's pretty simple, but if you need a better explanation, or have any other questions, please comment so we know!

:bulletblue:The Song Choices:bulletblue:

:bulletred:I, ~Cheruphim:iconcheruphim: have chosen
The Office… and
World of Max…
from Season 1.

:bulletgreen:*Ginny-N:iconginny-n: has chosen
Jurgen's Lair Suite… and
Fugue and Dies Irae… from Season 2.

:bulletwhite:~ThatsHayleyCity:iconthatshayleycity: has chosen
Skun'kape Action…
and the Opening to Episode 5… from Season 3.

:bulletblack:~Internetakias:iconinternetakias: has chosen
Greetings From The USA… and
Trixie's Trailer…
from Sam and Max: Hit the Road.

:bulletred:Where do I Submit To?:bulletred:
Submit your pictures here.

:bulletwhite:When Does it Start/End?:bulletwhite:
So far, the initial date is March 1st, but this is indefinite. Be sure to check back! As for the deadline, it is May 27th.


Q:Can I submit pictures I've finished before for the contest?
A:Yes, you may, though the picture must have something to do with one of the songs that are selected. Please don't submit something that you drew before that has nothing to do with any of the songs here.

Q: Okay, but how do I let people know that I drew it inspired by that song?
A: Just put it in your artist's comments or let me know through the note. It's simple. If you need any help doing so, just let me know by commenting.

Q: Can I submit pieces with a Mature Content label?
A: Of course! However, no 18+ pieces, please. We want to preserve the open nature for all the contestants, and while we do support artistic integrity, we don't want anything overly explicit. Blood and mild gore are allowed, as well as mild to moderate sexual themes. Profanity is also okay, as long as you keep it under 18, along with nudity. And if anyone is curious, fan-slash (for instance, SamxOC, SamxMax,) is allowed, as long as the content is not overly explicit.

Q: What forms of art are allowed?
A: Any kinds, as long as it is drawn and colored by you. Collaborations are allowed, as long as the artists were both involved in the project.

What won't be allowed are photo-manipulations like signatures, and simple photo-cropping. We want you to get out there and create your own stuff!

:bulletgreen:What are the Prizes?:bulletgreen:
While the judges and I are still working through the prize list, we have worked out a general list.

1st Place: The Cartoon Series, 1 year subcription, 1 commission
2nd Place- The Symbiotes Figures, 1 commission
3rd Place- 1 Commission, Season 1 And 2 DVD!

You get a lot for winning the big prize, so it's pretty good!

Without further to do, bring on the pictures! We can't wait to see what you, the contestants can come up with!