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Stream of Consciousness
By Emily Suarez

The guilty retelling of an old tale
The hopes and the dreams that seem destined to fail

The scribbled notes on the parchment we leave behind
As other fools wonder with their narrow mind

The messy scrabbles of a pencil loosing it’s lead
The wail of a child who has hit her head

The constant mumbling of a time gone by
The gentle mourn of a kitten’s distant cry

The insistent repeat of something we knew
The loss of a child who never grew

The depression of a world in toil
The whistle of a kettle put on to boil

The civilized murderers with gun in hand
A rhythmic beat of a marching band

Something we wish we had forgot
A memory of a feeling that was not

The ignorant thoughts of an apathetic nation
The joy of a writer’s sudden inspiration

The scorn for a leader who doesn’t care if we fall
The fear of a hope that wasn’t at all

The meaning of words that seem not to make sense
The absence of any kind of significance

Repetitive, unceasing, wanderings of a soul
The stream of a consciousness we humans hold
So since I'm still artless I've decided to submit some poetry (which I'm really bad at so take pity on me) to prove that I haven't completely dried up. I finished Sound and the Fury a couple months ago and I'm still reading James Joyce's Ulysses which are both in the stream of consciousness style of writing so I guess that's where this came from... sort of.....
ambitoussprite Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007  Student Writer
I really like it! IT flows so well, and has a very true meaning. Thanks for sharing it! And I like the preview picture, as well!
TellerofTales Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! Just something I came up with while walking my dog. Oddly, I come up with a lot of ideas while my dog takes a poo. :O_o:

I was thinking of making that picture my icon, but it looked funny when I made it small so I just decided to use it as my poetry preview for the time being.
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September 14, 2007
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