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Strange happenings

my entry for the anti-clishee-contest =)

i am really suprised about how few people have participated so far, allthough the contest has such a great idea behind it.however, i found it really inspiring, so i made this piece. i tried to twist up the clishees rather than avoiding them. in my piece, there is a beach setting, with rocks and clouds... there is a person in the foreground ( the opposite of a girl with a beautifull skirt though^^) ...there is also a lonely dead tree and tons of crows. but instead of being the typical symbols for a dark/desolate/melancholic/... atmosphere, in this picture, they are elements of a party =)

...imagine, how fed up the crows were with being used for clishee pictures. they were caught in a world of pure boredom. until the crow-man came to help his friends and set them free. before, this piece was a 'normal' picture, focused on a girl in a beautifull dress inside a crystal, standing on cliffs and looking into the distant sea/cloudy sky while standing beside a lonely tree surrouned by crows. but the crow-man banned the clishees out of the picture and now the crows are going to celebrate together with their saviour. and in the meantime, ignored by anyone, the clishee girl is drowning in the background cause they pushed her down the cliffs XD ( which is also symbolic)

used some textures but 1) not in the 'one-texture-very-noticeable-over-all-picture' way and 2) i never use textures, so they are are a personal non-clichee for me =)


crows: :iconshoofly-stock: :iconmentalstock:
strange guy: :iconsolid-caine-stock:
rocks: :iconstudiovision: :iconpeace-of-art:
clouds: :iconmeihua-stock:
sea: :iconlugubrum-stock: :icon
tree: :iconcantiastock:
portable cd-player: :iconsd-stock:
girl: :iconsempiterna-stock:
ballons: :iconwineglass-stock:
textures: :iconangelicfairy-stock: :icondazzle-textures:
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Very cool, this made me laugh. Its pretty damn good.
Tellaine's avatar
thank you XD i'm happy that i could make someone laugh with my stuff
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This is so cool. It should be a party invitation... to the coolest party ever.
Tellaine's avatar
yeah, i'd like to have a party like that...
Solid-Caine-Stock's avatar
Tellaine's avatar
hehe yeah, me too :XD: it's really a compliment for me. never created places where someone wanted to live :XD:
Peace-of-Art's avatar
Wow .. what a mix of cliche here! Best of luck in your contest!
Kat & Christopher
Tellaine's avatar
thank you :hug: and also big thx for the :+fav: :)
Peace-of-Art's avatar
You're so welcome, Hon!
meihua-stock's avatar
Wow this is wicked! So much to look at :D Thanks for using my stock!
Tellaine's avatar
hehe, i take it as a compliment =D
..thank you for the :+fav: =)
Cantia's avatar
Thanks for using my stock, I'm glad it was useful! :)
Nice work.
Tellaine's avatar
thx, glad you like it =) and thx for the :+fav:!
Tuja's avatar
Die fliegenden Steine erinnern mich an Rene Magritte....:)
Tellaine's avatar
*g* wenn du es sagst =) hatte er auch so sachen in seinen bildern? weiss ich nicht
Tuja's avatar
Ja. "fliegende" Steine sind eins seiner häufigst vorkommenden Motive
Tellaine's avatar
öööh ok...Oo menno, dabei war das eigtl ein bild _gegen_ clishees *lol*
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