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From now on I'm going to try and submit all short-form comics like this. All pages crammed together. Hopefully that will lead to a little more stylistic consistancy too, if I'm drawing the pages in bunches like that, rather than one by one.
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Spiderwoman bound and gagged is my favourite ~~~

I want your patreon 21😁

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And you shall have it.


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Absolutely, beautiful artwork! 😍

Lol, I was singing along, too! 😋

I so LOVE Sleepy Jess in that last panel! ❤ Again, stunning artwork, love your style!

Oh, the naughty things all our ids would get up to if they could manifest in the physical world.

Is that your personal avatar?

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She is. She doesn't look much like me though. With the kind of thing I draw, it seems my ability to draw anything other than statuesque supermodels has atrophied : P

Well, then you're working with the right genre. :)

Oh, and the comic is great. I forgot to mention that.

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Is Spider-woman so weak that she got captured so easily by some female-ghost-figure? Or did she want to get captured and become hot damsel? I don't know what happened...

I am probably the slowest person on earth, but I was thinking about this episode today, and it dawned on me that the id-napper is bringing Spiderwoman back to you, isn't she? I guess it's obvious.

Are you keeping her in a BECTube? Or did you draw something else for her?

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The Id-napper <em>is</em> me. Or at least the personification of the lusty part of my brain. It doesn't feel like me yet. I'm so used to drawing curvy women that I've made her a bit too statuesque. So I still need to develop her look some more.

Still, I like your interpretation, that evil-me emerges from my subconscious then goes out to bring me the characters I desire.

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Im really adoring thus character, please make more comics with her! I would also love if she constantly disguised herself or impersonated others by way of rubber masks or bodysuit, much like how she emerged! I also love how the art reminds me of terry dodson's
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Terry Dodson is a big influence for me.
:D (Big Grin)  cant wait to see more!
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You should do another like this with Spider-Gwen or Power Girl. Love it.

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Incredibly beautiful! Stunning art and visual storytelling... And pretty hot too ;)
Ever thought about doing a Wonder Woman piece?
I mean she is perfect for your kind of art. You'd make Professor Marston proud.
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Sadly, I'm really not into Wonder Woman.
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I imagine waking up the next morning with Spider Woman nearby must be VERY confusing.

Great work on this one.
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This sequence is fantastic, bot as concept and as realization. :clap:
So the 'ghost' in the last frames is your avatar?
I thought that 'you' were the girl that falls asleep in the first ones.
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They are both me.
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Oh, I see. I was deceived by the different hairstyle.
Well, I so love how you drew yourself in the first frames. Heart 
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