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Enhancegirl + Spectra: ''Tendrils of Darkness''

By Telikor
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A commission for :icondamselbinder:. Check out his page to see the individual pages.
I provided the pretty pictures, and he provided the story bellow:
"Really? Here? In a gross-ass alleyway?" Sophie giggled slightly as Mariko came close to her, close enough to feel the heat from her body.
"Why ever not, my love? It's not as if anyone's watching..." Indeed, though the two young heroes were by no means alone, their company was not in a position to intrude on their privacy: they had, after all, been dispatched into unconsciousness with the briefest of battles. "I must confess," the tall, Japanese beauty went on, "I didn't necessarily contribute my fair share to that battle..."
"Oh? How come?" Sophie was almost whispering.
"There's a certain species of beauty I only see from you when you're in battle. I couldn't resist just...watching you." Sophie blushed slightly, and smiled.

The maiden's lips grew closer, and both felt tingles up the backs of their spines. Slowly they drew each other into an embrace, and kissed on the field of their victory.
"Mmhhh..." Sophie mewed, as the lovers shared their affection with each other. "Kicking girlfriend...yep: pretty much living the dream right now." So lost was she in the pleasure of the kiss that she almost ignored the disturbance in the air currents behind them. Almost.

"What the hell?!" Sophie gasped, pulling away from Mariko.
"What is it?" Mariko turned in the same direction that Sophie was facing - until she too saw the... things coming towards them. Black shapes in the night, like mutated starfish, tendrils spread wide to ensnare the two gorgeous women. In an instant, Sophie's senses calculated their trajectory, speed, and came to a terrible realisation: "We're too late!"

"WHHGGHHMMPHHH!!" Spectra cried out as the tendrils seized her, gagging her. Swiftly the globulous, many-eyed thing fastened itself to her back, wrapping its slick, strong limbs around her body, crossing them over her shoulders, grasping her arms.
"Mariko!" Spectra's lover cried, even as she herself was ensnared. "Get off me, you little shits!" she barked, as her pale arms were forced behind her back, dark green tentacles binding them together, wrapping around her torso.

Together the heroines writhed, but neither could escape. The tendrils probed further, bound tighter. Spectra found her arms' strength failing her, and they were pulled behind her, tied at the wrists and all along her upper arms. Enhancegirl's screams were muzzled as a tentacle wrapped three times around her mouth, silencing the lovely redhead. Down the tentacles went, over the smooth, exposed skin of the maidens' long, soft legs, wrapping, grasping and squeezing, tying them up with humiliating strictness and swiftness.

"MMMMHHHH!!" they cried as, bound, their balance failed them, and they tumbled to the cold ground, wriggling their helpless, scantily clad bodies. Spectra tried to use her powers to cut herself free, but something was wrong. As the many-eyed thing tied her up, it was doing something else to her as well.
"My powers!" Spectra thought, aghast. "I'm helpless!"
"Mrrhhkhh..." Enhancegirl whimpered, looking to her girlfriend for aid. "What's going on? They caught us so easily...and Mariko's powerless...what the hell did this to us?!"

And then they heard the sound. The slow, sure sound of footsteps, approaching them, of high heels clacking against the hard ground on which the supple damsels moaned and struggled.
"My my," came a silky-smooth voice, "what have my little pets caught this time?"

"Well I'll be damned..." the woman said. "Two lovely little moths all helpless in my net." She took a step closer, the blonde folding her arms across a buxom chest.
"Whh-mmmphh?" Sophie whimpered, writhing in the strong, slick tentacles which had captured her with such swiftness. "Who the hell's that?"
"I thought I might bump into you in this part of town, Enhancegirl," the woman said, eyeing up the slender redhead. "But you as well, Spectra? That is a fun little bonus." She stepped further into the light, her sly smile and fantastically curvy figure giving off a kind of overpowering femininity. "I was watching, you know. Before. When you two were rubbing your hands all over each other. Such naughty girls..."

"Mmmph! Mmm-RRMMPHHH!" Spectra growled, writhing in vain, trying again and again to summon her powers, but failing every time.
"Don't try it. My pets won't allow you to harm me, darling," the blonde said. "To're the newest member of the Pauldron? Not that I'm complaining, but oughtn't this to have been a touch more difficult, darling?"
"Mmh..." Spectra mewed, stung by the comment. Indeed, the thought of Imperion or Nova seeing her like this was not one she wanted to linger on.

"But I'm not here for you." With impressive, though far from supernatural, strength, she reached down took Enhancegirl by her soft arms, and hoisted her up to her feet.
"Mmph! Mmm-mmmphh!" the red-haired damsel protested, her slender frame no match for her captor's strength in her bound state.
"I've heard some very interesting rumours about your powers, Enhancegirl. I thought, perhaps, I might try my hand at resolving the mystery myself...I could always do with another project." She pulled the maiden close, Sophie feeling her captor's bust pushing against her back. The blonde spoke into her ear, almost whispering. "Especially a project so...seductive..."

Sophie felt it long before it reached her face. That sickly sweet tang, that feeling of dizzy, warm weakness sucking all strength from her - she knew what her captor was taking out of her pocket even before she really identified the smell: her one true weakness - chloroform.
"Nmmphh!" she whimpered. "Nmmphh, plhhhs - MMPHH!" The cloth was thrust over Sophie's mouth and nose, instantly flooding her senses with the scent and taste of it. "Nmmphh! NNNNMMPHHHH!!" she screamed, bucking against her captor, her tight, round ass and slinky hips wriggling and writhing against the blonde's thighs.
"Settle down, sweetheart," her captor said, feeling Sophie's struggles with relish.

And indeed, they did not last long. Far faster than any ordinary person, Sophie felt the strength drain from her. Her long, naked legs grew still. Her soft shoulders sank, her eyelids fluttering.
"Mmhh...mmphhh..." she mewed, still just about cognizant of what was happening. " weak..."
"Shhphhh! NNNMMPHH! MMRRGHHH!!" Spectra cried out, thrashing about on the ground, even as her willowy body was painfully bound and restrained, her struggles less than useless. "I won't let this happen! I can't!"

But Mariko was just as powerless as Sophie to prevent it. The redhead began to sway, and her captor pulled her closer to keep her still.
"Mmhhh...mmmhhhh..." she sighed, with an almost sensual helplessness.
"That's it to dreamland with you..." her captor whispered. Sophie's world was getting dark, her body totally limp. Her green eyes started rolling back in her head, as drugged somnolence took the defenceless, long-legged young lady into its anaesthetic tendrils.
"Mh...mhh..." Her moans were almost inaudible now. Humiliated by the ease of her kidnapping, just before she passed out, she lost all sense of her own strength. "M-Mariko..." she thought, "...please...rescue me..." That was Sophie's last thought before she was utterly defeated. She gave one last, long, sweet sigh, before dropping out of the waking world.
"Nighty-night," her captor giggled softly.

With Enhancegirl fully subdued, the blonde woman turned her limp body around, took her by the hips, and slowly eased her up and over her shoulder, happily gripping her by the waist and the thighs, Sophie's red hair falling about her in a fiery crest.
"Nmmph! NNNMMMPHHH!!" Mariko screamed, as she realised that Sophie was being kidnapped - and she was just being left there.
"Oh, yes, this must sting, mustn't it, Spectra?" the blonde laughed as she carried the helpless beauty away. "A few minutes ago, she was yours? Keeping you warm in the night, sighing your name, bringing you all the joy in the world...too bad, really: she's mine now."
"No!" Mariko screamed within herself, as captor and captive vanished into the night. "You can't take her! No! NO!"
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absolute masterpiece
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pervstuffHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a LenilYu style !
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You are a rising star!
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
You're very kind ^_^
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sleepy-comicsHobbyist Digital Artist
Great work!
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That's a long page.
And a lot of goodness!
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fiftyshadeofgagStudent Filmographer
very cool! you are amazing!
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
You're amazing!
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DamselbinderHobbyist Writer
I've probably praised this enough but...

Actually no I haven't, and probably never will! Just wanted to acknowledge that you've drawn these two lovelies with the most soft-looking, squeezable, strokable shoulders. Every time I look at this I appreciate something else!
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
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AkernisHobbyist General Artist
That looks amazing! It is always a pleasure seeing your work. 
Your artstyle really suits the events here, it looks marvelous :D
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These pages look absolutely fantastic.  The transition of the girls from heroes to victims in such a short space of time is done really well.

Also loving the tentacled parasite as a capture method.  Loved it when you used it in your DMC comic and love it here too.  To have your damsel tied up is one thing, but have them restrained by something that is alive?  There's precious little you could do without it being able to react to your attempts to escape.  You're going nowhere anytime soon.

As I said, the work looks great and you leave us all wanting more.  Keep it up! =D
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MitruComixProfessional Digital Artist
Great Comic Strip!
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ED3765Student Writer
even with tentacles involved, chloroform is never far behind? =p
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DamselbinderHobbyist WriterFeatured
Telikor, words probably can express my gratitude and admiration - but those words seem unavailable to my brain at the moment. My characters have never looked better - you've brought them to such vivid life that, in my head, this is what Enhancegirl and Spectra now look like. You provide a moody, stylish background, a mastery of proportion and anatomy and a flair in shading and colouring that combines the best elements of classical and modern comic-style art, with touches and aspects all your own. This is, frankly, a masterpiece of DID comic art.
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
I am very pleased with it myself.
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ValMcJamesHobbyist Writer
I have been following over at Damselbinder's Gallery, but I should let you know too how much I really enjoy this. Such a sweet scene that starts emotionally touching and ends emotionally gut-wrenching. Imagine lying helpless as your love is carried off. And you are not even brought along to share in her fate but left to watch as you may never see your beloved again. Utterly devastating!

Such arousing text description and such dynamic imagery to accompany it. I really feel their struggle and see the emotion in their eyes. I LOVE this so much! Tentacles are always in style and they wrapped up the girls WITH style, very neatly and snugly.

My naughty brain wishes I could make off with Mariko while she is helpless, but my nice heart breaks for her and enables you two Deviants to get your hooks in me and pull me along to be dying in anticipation for the story to continue and see what happens, hoping for an eventual rescue after some times of sexy peril. This here's a mighty tasty tale of tentacles and transgression. It's mmm, mmm, good! Hurrah and Huzzah! *smiles*
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TelikorHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it so. :)
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