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DMC4 Luxuria - page 38-39 by Telikor DMC4 Luxuria - page 38-39 by Telikor
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I love tape gags.

God, the art is sooo inconsistent on this page. Look that those trees! Ew! And I took inspiration from some Spider-Woman Tony/Stark action, but I should have made more of an effort to interpret it.

Written adaptation (ADAPTATION!) provided by :icondamselbinder: -
"Ghhhrrkkhhh!" The cries of the demons went up as Nero began to do his work. Green blood ran over the forest floor, as the inhuman devils fell in droves. Try as they might, it seemed very unlikely that these creatures would be able to defeat him in the same way they'd beaten Gloria.

The defeated Gloria, while Nero split demonic heads with his sword, was lying helplessly in Echidna's coils, her curvy, feminine body fondled and caressed by the demoness who'd captured her. She lay almost completely still, her eyes closed, passively yielding to Echidna's touch. The humiliating pleasure was too great, and it overwhelmed the ebony-skinned beauty completely. It was almost like she had once again been dosed with the chimera seed's gas, which had rendered her unconscious before - she felt incredibly weak as her body throbbed in delight. It willed her mind to give in, and it did. Echidna had total control over the lovely young woman now.

But she did not, it seemed, have control over her forest. As beads of sweat ran over Gloria's face, Echidna heard something. She looked to the East and listened again.
"The sound...of battle?" Echidna heard the distinctive sound of metal slicing through the meaty flesh of her reptilian servants. She clenched her fist, and immediately began to fly towards where the sounds came from.

Gloria was not forgotten. Coiled up in her prehensile tail, she was hauled along with her captor. Her head fell limply forward, her eyes unopened. The wind rushed past her, stroking the skin of her chest and her bare shoulder. While giving her busty captive her attentions, Echidna had pulled her dress off her shoulder. Partly she'd done this to have more of Gloria's body to touch, and partly to assert her dominance, to make Gloria feel all the more exposed and vulnerable. In a way it was lucky that she'd heard the battle when she had, or who knows what she would have slipped off next.

Though perhaps it wouldn't have mattered much: Gloria felt utterly vulnerable.
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Docyol Featured By Owner May 15, 2017
Is it bad that I'm almost more involved in the fighting and the designs that the human/plant action? Eh, which ever makes mini-me happier lol
the-absolutus Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016   General Artist
Well, I was not mistaken.)
googum Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
gasp! Gloria's being undressed! I like where this is going.
Damselbinder Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Nero's battle is very well drawn indeed - despite being quite zoomed in on both panels, it's pretty clear what's going on - and I really dig Echidna's look of alarm.

And as for Gloria - oh dear, oh dear, Echidna certainly has been having her way with the lovely damsel, hasn't she? Her closed eyes, the beads of sweat, and the way her head is falling back in the first panel make her appear completely overwhelmed and under Echidna's control. And in the second, with her head lolling forward, and her shoulder exposed, Gloria looks oh-so vulnerable and helpless.

A fantastic part!
HeySerdna Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Nice! Great attention to detail.
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